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What ID should I give a modeling agency on behalf on my child?

Asked by rowenaz (2436points) March 6th, 2009

An “talent” company approached us at the mall, and asked our daughter to come interview and submit photos for modeling jobs. I smell scam, but am normally a paranoid person. We are going to the place anyway, myself, her father, and her. They asked both parents to come with 2 forms of ID, one of which should be a photo, and the other could be a credit card. I’m worried about identity theft. I know that you shouldn’t pay up front for anything, because a manager would get a percentage of her earnings, and that we don’t need to pay for portfolios, hair stylists, etc., but what about this ID thing?

When you apply for a job you always have to supply ID. Am I doing the right thing? What ID should I show?

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Even legitimate talent agencies might still require you to pay for photos, they just wont do it themselves or will not be to controlling about who you use. They may have suggestions, but if you get a feeling that they’re getting a kick back, it’s probably a scam. I would bring a Costco card and a library card!
I’m really not sure why they need YOUR ID.
In California you are required to set up a trust account for your child. A majority of any money earned goes into their account and they can get it when they turn 18.

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A credit card is generally not an acceptable form of ID. Anytime I am asked for ID, it has to be something that has my address on it, so I would be very cautious about this. If they get your credit card number and the 3 or 4 digit number on the back, they can charge anywhere.

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Yes, that’s what I thought about the credit card.

How about our marriage license and driver’s license? Or our birth certificates?

Yes, I think that account is a Coogan Account. Thanks.

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I’d get as much contact information from the agency before giving them any information about yourself. Did they give you a business card or anything? Look them up online to see if there have been complaints about them. If you don’t find them online at all, I wouldn’t give them anything period!

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What about your Driver’s license and a piece of mail addressed to you? I’ve done that at the library to get my library card, and they accepted it. I would definitely not give them a credit card. @ubersiren has a good idea. Check them out before doing anything. Good luck. I hope it’s not a scam!!

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It’s a scam. I just changed the name a little, and it came up 140 times with the Better Business Bureau with like 50 names….

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Whew!! Good thing you checked them out first!!

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@rowenaz: From the website of a photographer I interned for, for future reference – ”Are you an Agency? No, and we will never pretend to be. We work with all legitimate agencies in St. Louis and other markets and are certainly able to make recommendations. We urge caution in dealing with any photographer who leads you to believe they are an “agent,” or any “agency” that tries to sell you photography packages.”

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any legit modeling agency will NEVER approach you at a mall.

Good thing you did a background check!!!

If you still want your daughter to model, research the legitimate agencies in your city (Ford Models, Elite Model Management), cold call them and ask if they’re accepting new clients, and most likely they’ll ask you to come in for an interview.

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I wouldn’t worry about where you’re approached. Just make sure to get a card and have the person/agency checked out. Kate Moss, for example, was approached at JFK on her way home after a holiday with her family when she was 14. It turned out, obviously, to be legit.

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I’m glad you checked it out.

Back in my retail days we would swipe a credit card rather than entering a customer’s ssn and driver’s license to check their credit.

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I own a photo studio that has done model searches. No ID required for the interview, test photos, head shots, makeup, or anything else until a contract is offered.

At that point, and not before, ID is needed to pay the model, withhold taxes etc.

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A little more….
so the complaints against this company say that they use high pressure tactics to get people to pay for shots, make overs, etc., and then charge people’s credit cards in excess of what was originally told. Then, there turn out to be no contracts or contacts given.

I knew something was up when they called to schedule the appointment, and were CLEAR that it would be GREAT if one of the IDs were a credit card…plus when they called, they kept saying, “This is XXX from the DIRECTOR’s OFFICE…calling…” as if the head of any company is going to be calling us.

There are complaints in 3 states against the company.

Thanks everyone.

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