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Is there a word that just sounds so bad to you?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) March 6th, 2009

It just rubs you the wrong way? For me it’s popcorn.

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omg i hate that word, i never say it, never look at it, never let any of my friend or family say it either around me.

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The word moose


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I’m learning to say Vagina, but it just doesn’t sound beautiful or sexy.

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Scarf/scarfed, as in:

“Man, I can’t believe I just scarfed down that whole tub of popcorn with my toes!”

Ha. :)

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I used to hate the word “woman” as a kid. I thought it was way too provocative and sexy for some reason. I called all females girls, grown up or not until I was in college. Now, I am a woman! I mean, I was always female… I didn’t have a sex change. Why do I always sound like a tard?

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And titties. Ugh. I can’t say that word, let and writing it felt icky.

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caress .. its just weird

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I second moist. ~shudder~

Pulchritude is also one I don’t like. It’s probably one of the ugliest looking and sounding synonyms for beauty.

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@sofia – Ad pulchritude to my list just because of how it’s spelled. That’s just evil.

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@KrystaElyse I didn’t know what zenzizenzizenzic was until you wrote that! Thanks for the expansion of vocabulary!

I’ll definitely be using that word in math class. I wonder if my teacher knows it.

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@toomuchcoffee911 – Hehe, it’s a funny word isn’t it! I came across it a few months ago. That would be pretty funny to see if your teacher knows it or not :D

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@johnpowell WHAT’D YOU CALL ME?

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Motherfu**er is a horrible word and so is the disgusting ‘c’ word that @johnpowell already listed above.

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Another vote for moist from me. And panties. Ew.

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@KrystaElyse : zenzizenzizenzic is a cool word! I’d never seen it before now… I love the internets. Especially fluther :)

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Oh yeah… and puddingfarts. :)

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twiddle, prick, soliloquy, jerk, quaint, scratch, pistachio

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Another vote for moist. AUGH. And cunt.


…I guess I don’t really like U. (The letter, wiseasses, I’m not using netspeak. :D)

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@MacBean – another vote for

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I think The Vestibules know a little something about this….

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@jonsblond I love the word Scallywag!

I agree with moist…I can hardly type it.

Grocier is another for me. And pleasure…makes me feel so dirty!

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@jsc3791 – cool pic you scallywag!

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@Bri_L tee hee hee (=

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Cunnilingus: it’s really fantastic but sounds like a toenail fungus or something.

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Phrase; “You owe me money”. x.x

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Yes, but I can’t even write it.

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