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What element are you?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) March 6th, 2009

This, made me think of this question. Turns out I’m an Earth. What about you my fellow jellies?

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water – I go with the flow (that’s what it said)

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<——- Check out my name. Big surprise. Water.

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I was surprised that I wasn’t water. I’ve got a dolphin tattoo for Christ’s sake!

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The element of surprise.

Jayne's avatar

I’m unununium
Because I can be.

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I got Earth. I usually get Fire for those sorts of things.

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Check out the Periodic Table by Primo Levy for a delightful series of stories about people and the elements.

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I’m not sure, but I bet most here would say I am full of hot air!!

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Earth, unsurprisingly.

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I am 33% fire. That doesn’t really say much.

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Fire. 100%.
Plus, I’m a Leo ;]

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44 some odd percent Earth
surprised it didn’t come out as water

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According to the quiz, I’m mostly water. That’s right, an ugly bag of mostly water (to quote that old Star Trek episode). So if you think I’m a drip, you are pretty close to correct.

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natural mineral water

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Fire. I would have thought earth.

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Earth don’t tell my husband, he might try to take me camping

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42% earth.

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Lithium, I suppose. I’m full of it.

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I am metal.

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wow, lots of earthlings on here… who woulda thunk?

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Fire. I’m so awesome.

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42% earth…now what does that mean?

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Isn’t an element one of those things on the Periodic Table of the Elements? Therefore, water is not an element? It’s made of Hydrogen and Oxygen which ARE the elements? IDN.

Anyway, I’m Carbon.

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Air, which makes sense because I’m such an airhead.

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I’m Earth and holding steady at 33%.

cheebdragon's avatar

If you’re only 33% earth, what is the other 67%?

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You know, I wondered that too. I was exactly 50% earth. What the hell is my other half? Probably water. Which make me… mud.

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Alcohol by volume %?

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I was 33% earth too. Probably mixed with water and fire. I’m lava with a 50% chance of steam.

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