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Does a second black cat crossing your path cancel out the first or double the woe to come?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) March 6th, 2009

My husband & I were driving home tonight when a black cat crossed the road in front of us. He said, “That was a black cat.” I laughed and said, “So? You’re not superstitious about it are you?

He said, “No.” “Yes.”

A few blocks later another black cat crossed our path. I laughingly told him that meant we had double trouble coming.

This is all “black” humor since he is under serious threat of a layoff.

What do you think it means?

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A black cat crossing my path- any number of times- usually means that I am going to spend the next several minutes petting a black cat.

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I think black cats are good luck, personally. I think it means good vibes are coming your way.

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Hah. My dad and sister had the same thing happen to them earlier this week. Two black cats on the same trip. My sister thinks that it’s double bad luck, and my father believes that the second one cancels out the first.

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You can cancel them out if you find a third black cat and beat it with a broken mirror under a ladder on Friday the thirteenth while dumping a shaker of salt on the ground.

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It means twice tonight you saw a black cat crossing the road. They must have been looking for the chicken, ha ha!!

If on the other hand, the black cat walked under a ladder…. bad joo joo! :P

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I live with a black cat and she crosses my path LOTS of times every day and has never brought me bad luck :)

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it means they made changes to the matrix twice. watch out.

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Way to keep up your sense of humor through difficult times :)
I have had three black cats in my lifetime. Though one was flat out crazy, the other two have brought me nothing but pure love.

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two black cats definitely means twice the bad luck! Now if you wore a white hat, while a black cat crossed your path, that would cancel it out.
Of if the black cat was IN the white hat, it would be rendered harmless, that!
HOWEVER… a cat in the hat being tossed by a fat brat frat would really be a mess.
Watch: Now that I said that, it’ll happen to ME! : (
oh DRAT!
Does any body know if Dr. Seuss makes house calls? I tried it once, got a busy signal!

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if its your pet , you got nothing to worry about

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I’m afraid that it means the tulips will be late this year. Your car will be switched to biodeisel. Your house will grow wings and fly off to Tahita—without you. Your children will develop a shrinker machine and go around shrinking all the neighbors. The television will turn itself on and off randomly, and will only show TMNT reruns.

Good luck? Bad? You tell me.

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G’day Marina,

Thanks for your question.

According to Wikipedia, a black cat can sometimes be seen as a symbol of good luck. More commonly, it is seen as a symbol of witchcraft.

Perhaps you could tell yourself that it was good luck.


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Does it mean anything if you own the cats? I have two black cats and they cross my path many times a day and I notice nothing different……...........

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