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What's the greatest book on management and economics you've read?

Asked by EFWZLVL9 (28points) March 7th, 2009

I have read several books called “The Search for Excellence” that talks about about managment of factories and corporations. Also I have read “The World is Flat” and “The Long Tail”.

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Might be slightly off topic, but Mazlow is interesting on Management. Left of center perspective, worth a look see:)

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad , pure inspiration. Pretty much anything by Robert Kiyosaki is very good.

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Might be slightly off topic, but have you read The Four Hour Workweek?

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Best understanding of factors influencing success

Contemporary feel from 37Signals folks

Looking ahead

Given the current changes in the economy, I’m ready to relegate lots of the books to the garbage heap. These I’d keep.

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Freakonomics. Honestly, it was funny and easy to understand.

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