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Why are some people "a grower, not a shower" where other people are just plain "showers"?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) March 7th, 2009

To easy any confusion, it’s a penis question.

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yeah, I still don’t get it. So some guys out there get hard and don’t do anything with it while others just show their flaccid member?

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Ohhhhhh… I was real confused. I thought this was a gardening question. Body fat, maybe?

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Penises are strange things, I don’t pretend to understand them… And I have one…

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I am still confused.

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I think he’s referring to how some men, when flaccid, are about the same length they are when hard, just “not hard”. For others, it shrinks down considerably when flaccid but is a normal length when hard. So if you see a grower naked when not hard, it looks like he’s considerably shorter than he would be if he was hard. And a shower would look more impressive than a grower when flaccid, even though they may be the same length when hard.

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@StellarAirman – Oh, I have never heard of that. Thank you.

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An erect penis is nothing more than a flaccid penis that’s filled with blood. When the blood rushes to fill the penis, it has to do something to hold it all.

For some guys, it makes the penis longer, to accomodate the influx of blood. These appear much shorter when flaccid, so this person is a “grower.” I imagine those who become wider are “growers,” too.

For some guys, the expansion is more all-around – a little longer, a little wider, but mostly it just becomes more densely filled with blood rather than expanding. These gentlemen are “showers,” because the flaccid organ doesn’t really “grow” all that much.

Vive la difference, I say.

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I can’t fathom walking around with it the same size as when it’s hard but not hard.

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I cant fathom having something in between my legs at all.

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@babiturtle36 – like Barbie?

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I’ve heard a theory that for men living in colder parts of the world there would be an evolutionary advantage to growing rather than showing, specifically that shrinkage would enable their bodies to better maintain temperature in an important extremity while living in a cold environment. Extremities are after all the the spots that lose heat first and are most vulnerable to tissue damage from frost bite.

If this is the case then men with ancestry in colder regions would be more likely to be growers while men descended from people in warmer spots on the globe would not have had the same evolutionary pressures acting on their penises. If your body doesn’t have to actively try to prevent damage from cold weather then sexual selection may be more free to select for penis size, and if girls are selecting for penis size you want to advertise everything you’ve got, ie showing.

speaking from an evolutionary standpoint.

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@babiturtle36 – your boy friend must be really really patient!

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removed by myself…...... jeesh guys :P

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@babiturtle36 speaking as a girl, that is not the sort of penis I’d like between my legs.

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I was waiting for people to respond because I totally didn’t know what he was asking haha.

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I love that laureth is the one that had to explain.

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You’d have to ask a cockologist for that.

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@TaoSan it takes a special person to get a degree in Cocktology.

that said, i think it’d suck to be a 24/7/365 “show-er”. i mean, where’s the surprise in that?
that’s like being born into money, you can’t appreciate it fully.

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you can always turn your grower into a shower by doing cock push ups. please see your cocktologist before beginning any type of physical exercise program

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@laureth Perfect definition.

So from what I’m gathering from post of the guys on here so far is that they are “growers.” That about right?

I agree that it would suck to walk around all day with the full package in your pants, however, for those times when you want/need to pull it out publicly, the “showers” definitely have the advantage.

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Im a grower. Given the number of times I have ever wanted/needed to pull it out publicly I am cool with that.

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Will we never stop coming up with new versions of “boxers or briefs?”

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@daloon banana hammock or commando?

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If you can stand watching me disco, you’ll see what I’m wearing.

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Well, I have to say I’m a shower and given the number of times I’ve actually pulled it out in public, it’s been fantastic, really a positive response. :D

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I am a grower. I seem to have small genitalia but once aroused I am just like any other man.

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Im a grower also, Its pretty strange how when erect it gets like 6 times larger than when flaccid, pretty cool though, Id rather not walk around looking like I have a boner when I dont lol

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There are two types of penises. One kind expands and lengthens when becoming erect (a grower). The other appears big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after achieving erection (a shower). An international Men’s Health survey reports that 79 percent of men have growers, 21 percent have showers… by the way I’m a shower ;3

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I guess I’m in the grower type section, I can start out flaccid at 3 inches and when erect go to 8.5 inches. So I think that’s about normal size. I mean all my gfs have never had a problem with that.

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Lol, the flaccid part may be different is I were in a cold freezing environment,lol!

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Just came across this, as my guy used that term the first time we were intimate… fearing I would be disappointed at what I found. He is overweight, on top of being fairly small when flaccid, so it “hides” even more than normal. Belly fat reduces dick length, because the penis is attached internally, and the fat layer at the base of the belly kind of surrounds it.

I’ve been with a variety of partners… some men are smaller when flaccid, and grow quite a bit when erect, others have a fairly large flaccid penis that does not grow much. Some men are large, others stay small.

I would like to note that… just like men are different sizes, women are also different-sized. Some women have narrow vaginas, some wide, some deep, some shallow, some tight, some loose, some stretch a lot, others not so much….. So, to try and help the guys gain a little confidence… While “its not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it” DOES hold a lot of weight (ahem, no pun intended)... it’s also about finding proper fit…both physically and psychologically. My first two partners were of average size. My third was too large to do anything with, so we never had actual sex, and the fourth had a too-narrow penis, though it did have a nice angle to it. My fifth partner was fairly large, and while it was pleasant when I was fully aroused and in the mood for it… other times it was rather uncomfortable. I often had to adjust my angle because things would get banged around painfully. My current (6th) partner is slightly smaller than average when erect, but it gets the job done.

Another important thing I’d like to point out is psychological and emotional compatibility. Intimacy isn’t all physical, and shouldn’t be. My first was repulsive, but I was in a severe state of depression with no self esteem. My second, while I was attracted to him, we found we had little in common otherwise. #3 was too-big guy, and was all-around weird, we split up after about a month, #4 was skinny guy, he was a big jerk and frequently insulted me… #5 was my longest-running relationship (7 years), the physical attraction ran out when he decided to change his whole frame of mind from an equal partnership to a “master/obedient wife” relationship (he went off into religious crazytown) #6 (current guy) is someone I fell in love with 18 years ago when we were in high school, and we’ve just now gotten our heads on straight and decided the time was right to have a relationship together. We have a lot in common and have been best friends since we were 16, so that increases our intimacy and affection. It doesn’t bother me at all that he’s overweight, or is lacking in the dick department, he more than makes up for it elsewhere!

I’d also like to note that….. while there are no exercises or anything that will increase penis size, there ARE exercises ladies can do to strengthen and tone the muscles down there, so that even sex with a smaller guy will be more enjoyable for the both of you. Guys can also do kegel exercises to a certain degree to help their control and longevity. ....I’ve had 3 children naturally… two that were almost 8lbs, the youngest one was 9lbs….. and I get NO complaints, in fact I get compliments… about the condition of things down there from my current guy! :)

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