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Will you welcome the newest member of the 10,000 club?

Asked by augustlan (47720points) March 7th, 2009

It’s our very own Scamp. It’s about time girlie! ;-)

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Congratulations, Scamp!

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CONGRATULATIONS SCAMP!!! Yes I shouted, I couldn’t resist!

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We lurve you! We really Lurve you!

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Go Scamp!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay for my favoritest flutherer!

Right on scamp! :)

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Way to go scamp!!! We lurve you!!!

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Lots of Lurve, Scamp! Woohooo!!!

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Yay Samper!!! Way to scamper to the top!

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Scampi! Hoo-rah!
Congratulations, you lurve hog, you.

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What’s it like over in the promised land, scamp? Do the laws of physics still apply?

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I heard when you hit 10000 lurve, food tastes better, the grass is greener and you understand love songs.

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Best of all, you become regular.

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Congratulations Scamp you scamp you.

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Way to go Scamp!

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@AstroChuck then let’s congratulate scamp on her impending movement!

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Bravissimo, Scamp!! Well deserved.

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Congratulations Scamp! Nice work!

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Scamp rocks! You go girl! Woo Hoo!
What’s it like to be regular?

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Come on out, Scampi. Take a bow. We know you’re watching this.

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Maybe she’s busy being regular

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Congrats! You should get a free fluther shirt! :D

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Yay, Scamp the grapefruit, yaaay! :)

You would be a very depressing grapefruit, Scamp.

Congrats though, you deserve it. :)

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The screen name alone is worth at least 5000 Lurve…. CONGRATS!!!

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Good going Scamp! You made it through!!!

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Does she get free stuff now?

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—drunken singing—
Hippo 10k two ewes!
Hippo 10k two ewes!
Hippppooooo 10k twoooo ewessssss!
Hippo 10k 2 ewes!

May you have many more…
Everybody now!

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Yay!!!! I second the calls for a speech! :)

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Way to go!! Congrats:-)

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Congrats, Scamp! YAY!

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Woohoo!!! Go Scamp!!!

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Yaay for Scamp! Well deserved :)

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Wow!! Look what happens if you miss a couple of days!! Thanks so much to all of you. Aww shucks, I didn’t know you cared.. blush blush…

Lurve to all of you!!

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Damn it! Somehow I missed this!



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