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Which video game is better MLB '09 The Show or MLB 2K9?

Asked by hoopski (49points) March 7th, 2009

I want to get one of the new 2009 MLB baseball games for my PS3. The TV commercials make both look good. I haven’t been able to find any good reviews online. Which one should I get?

Has anyone actually played both?

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Apparently Fluther doesn’t have many gamers. Sorry!

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Great question, I was wondering the same this g today after I saw the 09 The Show commercial today. If anyone has amy experience with the games on 360 would help. C’mon Fluther gamers.

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I haven’t played either (I don’t own a PS3) but I can say that most (Insert year) Games are pretty bad. They barely innovate between years, and when you get done with one, it sells for almost nothing. Good luck deciding, and check out XPlay. They are reviewing both, and they may have already done it. Check for it on

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I played both of last years’ versions, and I’ve played the two demos this year, and The Show is MUCH better. You made a mistake if you bought 2K9.

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the show is more fantasy like and easier controls and you can do more fun of stuff but the other one is for more natural baseball like fantasy drafting but its got better graphics id go with mlb the show.

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