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Anyone speak finnish on this website?

Asked by Imastarwars1 (32points) March 7th, 2009 from iPhone

I just say conffesions of a shopiholic and this dude speaks Finnish and it sounds cool and anyone speak it

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Jellyfish don’t have fins.

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LOL @marina
I Lurve you, Marry me!

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@Bagardbilla We’ll have to do that in the polygamy thread since, alas, I am taken, but thank you, kind jelly, for the honor you do me (curtsies).

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Finnish not fish dahh

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@Imastarwars1: I think they got that; and I would strongly suggest you work on your English before you attempt another language, particularly one as cool ans easy as Finnish. Be careful whom you direct your “dahh“s at, also.

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Here’s an introduction to Finnish:

Main article: Finnish grammar
The morphosyntactic alignment is nominative-accusative; but there are two object cases: accusative and partitive. The contrast between the two is telicity, where accusative denotes actions completed as intended (Ammuin hirven “I shot (killed) the elk”), and partitive denotes incomplete actions (Ammuin hirveä “I shot (at) the elk”).

Often this is confused with perfectivity, but the only element of perfectivity that exists in Finnish is that there are some perfective verbs. Transitivity is distinguished by different verbs for transitive and intransitive, e.g. ratkaista “to solve something” vs. ratketa “to solve by itself”.

There are several frequentative and momentane verb categories.

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i think star wars is finnish

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Suomi on mielenkiintoinen kieli.
Omat naapurit puhua sitä sujuvasti, do you?

Saat vähemmän vaivaa täällä jos sana kysymyksiin huolellisesti. Monet hyytelöistä arvostavat hyvää kieltä ja oikea tyyli.

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Eisa Peitä ?

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Omat pallot satuttaa. Onko sinun?

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@bythebay: “Finland is engrossing parlance. Possess neighbour say sitä smoothly.” That’s what happens when I translated it back.

I assume that idiomatically the first sentence means something like “Finnish is an appealing language. The second sentence has defeated me.

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@gailcalled: My neighbors speak it well.

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Nice blondesjon – do you need some ben-gay or a kick?

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@bythebaywe don’t put Ben-Gay on those but i get the point. as i’ve stated in the past, it’s a sickness

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@Blondesjon: So, you want the kick?

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Again, I am so sorry,


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@Blondesjon, no you’re not… :)

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@gailcalled good call with the English first. Stepping stones are always a good base to have before moving forward. ;).

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I don’t think anyone Speaks on this website.

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I have a few Finnish friends and their language both amuses and scares me…...a couple of examples:
– They have no word for ‘pleasantries’
– The closest thing to a standard phrase like ‘have a nice evening’ (when leaving work) translates to something like ‘see you tomorrow if I don’t go blind first’
There’s of course also the never ending use of vowels that is confusing to say the least. When you see it written, you’d think it’s a soft language, but when you hear it, it sounds more like words being fired out of an automatic weapon!
....gotta love them wacky Finns!

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i have finnish girlfriend :) hehe

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No, but I’m trying so hard to learn. Stupid Ville Valo. It’s all his fault. I mean..that’s how it started..

Valo means light. Ha.

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