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Any way to restore my AT&T cell service (suspended for late payment) without a full payment?

Asked by cirrina (187points) March 7th, 2009

I have almost no cash until later in this month. I wonder if you have had an experience with AT&T where they let you give a partial payment to resume the suspended service, rather than the full payment that’s overdue. (Their office that answers this question isn’t open for another 32 hours or so.)

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If you can remember what the fee for resuming service is, hearing that would be very appreciated too.

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(I’m not at all asking how to get out of paying—I’m fully responsible for the amount, just don’t have it yet. Asking whether it will be possible to resume with only partial payment.)

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My sister has their service and once it’s suspended, it requires full payment. Too bad you didn’t work out pay arrangements with them before it was suspended. I know they can be pretty good to work with – at least they worked with her. One time she did have her service suspended and had to pay a reconnect fee, somewhere around 30–40 dollars, but I’m not sure it that still is something they do.

Call them, when they open and let them know that you do intend to pay. They might work with you on payments; however, I doubt they will restore your payment until you have paid in full.

Good luck to you.

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I have an AT&T account & I think they require full pmt if the service is off. I think I remember them telling me that the reconnection fee is $36. I do know that you can call before it gets turned off and make payment arrangements. They will even let you go as far as the day before the next bill is due if you are making your payment online. I’ve had to do that before. My son is in Iraq and has his phone with him (which is on my plan) and I’ve had bills at the $700 mark and AT&T has had no problem letting me wait a little while to pay them. They just tell me that if I break the arrangement that I have made, I will not be able to make another one for six months and would have to pay in full to get restored if it gets disconnected. I think they are pretty good. It might have something to do with my account being considered a business plan even though it is not. I’ve got 5 lines and it can get expensive sometimes.

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Number to call on wknds, so you don’t have to wait till Mon:
$36 for reconnect fee.
They are ‘usually’ very agreeable, be kind and honest, I’m sure they’ll be willing to work something out.

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my mom just passed away and we are having financial difficulties due to she did not make prior arrangements, I’ve had to slip on some bills, I woke up this AM and my ATT svcs were off, cable, phone internet and cell phone. I called them and they said if I paid the past due in full I could restore today, but I didnt have that amount, I only had 204.00 in bank so due to circumstances they took the 200 and are supposed to restore within 24 hrs. Still waiting for restored svcs and paid the 200.00, said they would waive reconnect fee if I signed up for auto pay, but cant do that due to finances now and circumstances I am in with cremation arrangements. No funeral or obit due to not enough money, had to put mom in a cardboard box. Life sure sux at times. Thank you ATT for working this out I have to have my phone!

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