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Right now with all the violence in Mexico, is Cancun safe?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) March 7th, 2009

I know the boarder towns are the main areas that are having the drug related problems. My sister is going to Cancun for spring break, and I wanted to know if anyone has gone down there in the past month or so? Thanks.

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I have a good friend who just back from two weeks in that area. She was a bit worried too, but said it was fine. She was stopped once by a Mexican cop who took her driver’s license until she paid him a 500 peso bribe.

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Im going to playa del carmen for spring break, and I have also heard that the situation is somewhat dangerous. I think that the best thing to do is really lay under the light and not put youself out there. I’ll try to see if theres anything else on that area and I’ll let you know.

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Playa del Carmen is where my friend stayed for a week. She said they had no trouble and they were two women alone.

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My wife and I were in Cancun just before Christmas. Everything was perfectly safe and clear.

Since then, things have definitely gotten worse in Mexico. But, from my understanding, nobody in Mexico wants to kill American tourists. The drug wars there, while made possible by our “War on Drugs” involves drug cartels and the government. You’re probably safe.

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Thanks all. I figured Cancun would be a relatively safe area, but you never know. My sister is going with 3 other girls. I guess there is a bit more safety in numbers. So that’s good.

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Stay in the tourist areas and away from people who dont need you in THEIR way when they are conducting THEIR business.

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Thanks for the tip on playa del carmen, I was a bit worried.

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Frankly, I would stay away from that outhouse paradise. There are plenty of beautiful places in the good old USA that can use the business. I’ve never been a fan of Mexico simply because it has never been safe.

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The drug war is mostly taking place along the border. Cancun is probably no more safer or dangerous than any other year. Though anytime you go to another country you take your chances.

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I love Mexico, and have been going for the last 20 years. Up until 3 years ago, I always went with girlfriends and went to Cancun twice by myself. I have always felt safe there. My husband and I drove the whole Yucatan 2 years ago—we visited small fishing villages and drove on roads where we saw not one other car for hours. All this time we felt safe. The Mexican people are some of the most hospitible in the world. I am a flight attendant and have traveled to many parts of the world. We drove from Cancun to Mahawahl for Christmas last year and had no problems. It is a 5 hr drive from Cancun. I would not travel at night, and I would stay in the primarily touristy areas. Also, always keep your eyes on your beverages while you are out. I went to Cancun for the Millinium and someone put something in my drink. Luckily I was with friends who took care of me. Stay off the beaches at night. Years ago (probally 10 years), my friend and a guy she met went for a walk on the beach and had to pay someone for trespassing—It was only $10. We have no idea whom she paid, could have been a hotel security guard. Although I haven’t gone to Cancun since 2000, I have traveled from there to places further south at least twice a year and have never had any problems (except 2 weeks after hurricane Wilma our car was broken into at night and our snorkle gear was stolen). That was in Playa Del Carman. If you travel down the main hwy you may pass military checkpoints. They are looking for the Mexican drug dealers—NOT YOU. I can honestly say we have passed at least 10 in the last 3 years and have never been pulled over for inspection. They do look intimidating with their guns and all, but they are there to protect you. They want you to be safe so you will return. Don’t do there what you would not do at home and you should be safe. Another thing your sister should be careful of is taxis—have your hotel call a cab or hail one from the closest major hotel—do not hail one from the road. I am not sure which cab company is the safe one, but your hotel can tell you. When I visited Cancun, we always took the bus in the Hotel Zone. It was cheap and safe—lots of other people around. Have fun and be smart. Kimo

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I plan on relocating to Cancun Mexico, know how to spick spinach. I wanted to know is it safe to travel on busses there.

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Please do not came to Cancun or anywhere in Mexico we do not need any more smart asses in our country, the main reazon of drug situation in mexico is the high demand in the U.S.A. Gringos just come to mexico looking for drugs. Stay away.

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