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Help me with Fallout 3!

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) March 7th, 2009

So i made the mistake of going postal in Megaton city with my nice baseball bat and pissed everyone off.

now i was running through buildings and it ended up Auto Saving with like 5 guys on me, now everytime i load im faced with death and no way out.

Wtf do i do?

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You have probably made more than one save point. You’ll have to go back to that. Remember, when you go into new buildings via doors in Capital Wasteland, the game auto saves for you. Have fun, Fallout’s a great, immersive game.

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Either you make out of town, or restart…. or hide..

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well. go back to the last physical save point. i had to. it sucked. i lifted some jar in the shop and killed the merc shooting at me inside the store… but got dropped as soon as it said autosave complete when i got out the door…

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You can turn off the autosave feature. Or just save before you do almost anything, like me. I saved before/after almost every combat, before/after successful lockpicks, etc.

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You leave the town for a few hours, maybe three in game days. By that time, they will hve forgotten how murderous you were and be kind once again.

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@Eambos He said he can’t even get out of the room without dying, so he can’t leave the city for them to turn non-hostile. At least that’s the way I read it.

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@StellarAirman Correct, i restarted lol. Im not gonna be a jack ass anymore. At least i was only a hour or 2 in

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If they keep killing you either use a cloaking thingy to go invisible and escape or pump yourself full of drugs so you can escape. Paying to get rid of addiction is cheap

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I would save often… there are several times when you can “break” a quest by accident.

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