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What should I have for lunch in downtown San Francisco?

Asked by heintzer (1points) October 25th, 2007


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If you like Thai food, I’m a fan of Osha on 2nd street, just south of Mission St.

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Osha on 2nd street is great, but there is often a long wait.

There is a great farmer’s market on Tuesdays outside the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. Try the tamales from the stand all the way on the north end of the market. The chile and cheese tamale is delicious!

I love the little soup place on 2nd between Mission and Natoma, on the West side of the street. Really cheap, really fast, really good soup. Or, try the food court in the Galleria which is right near Montgomery BART. They have a chilli place there that’s really good…I am a fan of the vegetarian mushroom-blackbean chilli. Comes with cornbread.

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Also, Lee’s Deli on New Montgomery has a really cheap and good salad bar. I like to get salads there and then go eat in Yerba Buena park.

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