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If a question is asked, but no one responds, does it have an answer?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) March 8th, 2009 from iPhone

Just wondering.

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If it can not be answered on Fluther then therefore there is no answer

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Maybe nobody responds because they simply do not have any interest in the question, or do not have an answer to it themselves. That doesn’t mean that it has no answer though.

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I don’t answer questions if I dislike them or the asker.

I answered your question.

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It only means the right person has not seen it yet. Every question has an answer.

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If a question is not asked, but somebody responds, is there still a question?

If a question is not asked, and somebody responds, are they wrong?

If a question is not asked, and somebody responds, how can there be an answer?

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Everything has an answer….there’s a reason for those magic 8-balls don’t ya know?

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1) Then it would not be a question, it would simply be a topic

2) Since it is not a question and is only a topic, if someone response they are not wrong or right

3) There can be no answer since it is not a question, only a response to a topic

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Of course there is an answer. Sometimes some obscure questions come up on fluther. As great as fluther is, there is bound to be some answers/information that we can’t collectively gather.

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Yes, it just hasn’t been found yet.

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Sometimes the answer is in the silence.
Now get back to waxing my car, grasshopper!

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People have told me that if you pray for something and it doesn’t happen, it’s not that God hasn’t heard your prayer. Sometimes, God just answers “no.”

In a way, asking an Fluther question is a little bit like a prayer that someone will answer it. And in the same way, maybe the answer is simoly “no.”

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

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a question having or not having an answer is not dependent upon an answer being recieved on Fluther.

An unanswerable question may or may not have an answer on Fluther. If it does, it will be wrong.

An answerable question may or may not have an answer on Fluther, if it does, it may be right or wrong.


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If that happens, you have to go into the forest and wait until the tree falls to get your answer.

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@laureth…I got a real rush from your answer.

In answer to the question: Isn’t an answer less question simply a rhetorical one?

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@Eambos , are there really people here whose questions you would never answer? I do not feel that way about anyone here. If anybody asks what I feel is a good question then I will respond, although there are people here who I like sufficiently that I might sometimes answer a question of theirs that I might otherwise have passed on.

I have heard it said that if you are willing to sell something then there is someone somewhere willing to buy it. I think the same holds for questions and answers.

@cdwwcrn, I hope that this does not refer to something that happened to you. I do not like to think of anyone here as feeling slighted.

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@LostInParadise – There are very few remaining. The most recent have been banned, and I am very happy.

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If a dumb question is asked in the forest does it make a sound?

If the person who asked the dumb question falls in the forest… does anybody care?

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The answer I give my kids when I dont know the real answer…

Wait until the second Thursday of next week.

Or simply, four.

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@kwhull: what a coincidence. The answer in my family, when we don’t know something, is “four to eight!” Out of curiousity, how were you able to get it down to such specificity? My family always needs the wiggle room.

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to all: this question was intended to be a philosophical question, not particularly a fluther question. I do not feel my questions are ignored here. People have responded to this question, right?

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The questions are what matter. Any answer will do.

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I can mean by no answering that the person is extremely busy or as the rest of us answer=yes..

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I have no idea where we came up with our answers. Its just something that happened and just stuck around.

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If a question is asked and every member responds, it does not mean that it has an answer.

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If the answer asks and the question responds…

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas, any more,” said Alice.

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