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How to restore a external HDD which isn't formatted properly?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) October 25th, 2007

Hello, help!

I tried to format my external HDD 320GB Toshiba and it failed! And, oh no! Windows doesn’t recognize it anymore!

I tried to format it to FAT32 for my new Mac, because I use my HDD’s on PC’s too, so I must use FAT32.

So the format failed, stopped unexpectedly, so the HDD is damaged. How can I fix this? I want to use it for Time Machine.

BTW: When I connect it to Windows, Windows freezes, and when I unplug it, Windows un-freezes…


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Try formatting it on the Mac from Disk Utility. If you still can’t or if it crashes the Mac, it’s probably a dead drive.

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O sorry I didn’t mention, but I don’t have the Mac yet. I wanted to format the HDD’s to be ready for my big switch. But I’ve solved it now. I used the disk-tool from the OSx86 DVD to format it :-) Yeah!

Still thanks!

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I’m pretty sure it needs to be formatted HSF+ for Time Machine.

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Yes, but until now, I can’t format it to HSF+, becuase I don’t have my Mac yet. So when it’s FAT32, I format it on my Mac to HSF+. :-)

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I now formatted it directly to HFS+ using MacDrive 7. Thanks for the help though.

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