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Anti-lock brakes?

Asked by xgunther (446points) October 25th, 2007 from iPhone

what happens/what does it mean when your brakes “lock”

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Your wheels stop rolling completely. Anti-lock effectively “pumps” the brakes to keep them from locking.

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what would happen if they stopped rolling going 80 MPH?

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You’d be in trouble.

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I guess you would just skid out of control!

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When the wheels lock, you start skidding, which means you can’t steer. It also means that you don’t stop as quickly. When your tires are skidding, the amount of friction they experience goes down drastically; they experience kinetic friction, which is much weaker than the static friction your tires normally experience on the road.

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xgunther you may not lose control that is where steering is involved, but as mentioned it will take longer to stop. To correct this you release pressure on the brakes until the wheels start rolling again. However this is very hard to do since you slammed on the brakes for a reason it’s counter to normal thought to reduce the braking when stopping is so important.

So anti lock brakes were invented to do this for you. So pumping the brakes is no longer necessary, interesting those who learned to keep the wheels from locking up have a hard time adjusting to anti lock brakes.

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