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Having just visited the new Whole Foods in downtown Seattle, I am wondering if I should move to the apartments right above?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) November 23rd, 2006
The most fantastic new store. Living above would mean never having to step outside for food. Cooked or raw. And the apartments look beautiful (I have no idea how much they cost, though). On the other hand, do you move to an apartment because of proximity to a grocery store?
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I say "Absolutely." Regards from Helen and the east coast gang, stuffing themselves at Lorin.s
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Yes! Grocery shopping is a pain. It would be wonderful to never have to negotiate the balance of making sure you'll have enough food, yet not buying so much that the food will spoil. It's like the benefit of a cell phone- you never have to deal with the impossibility of exact planning. My dream home concept definitely includes a next door grocery store.
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SK,what a cool idea to live right downtown and have Whole Foods right there! I want to come look at the apartments with you!! Don't worry about how much they cost. They will likely increase in value in no time.
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i say move closer to a local market in a wierder neighborhood.
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Personally, going into Whole Foods is dangerous because it makes you want to change your life and become totally organic and healthy and spend lots of money on fancy shmancy products. and for me, that would be a drastic change and one that i couldn't afford. If Whole Foods is in your everyday grocery shopping budget, then yes. but if its a bit much, i'd consider avoiding temptation.
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Don't do it. If you want access to Whole Foods, there are simply other nicer, cheaper places within walking distance to Whole Foods, PCC and local farmer's markets that would not be as contrived an experience. I'm sure you could find something a lot cheaper too...
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Oh! Wait! I know who this is : ) My advice still holds true. You have much better taste than those cookie-cutter apartments, with all due respect to anyone who lives there already. They just feel like filing boxes to me. I could see you liking Ravenna. There's so much within walking distance, including a Whole Foods, PCC, a small farmer's market, bookstores etc. It provides easy access to Capital Hill but also keeps you connected to what's going on in Academia. Just my thought : )

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