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Does smelling a strong odor indicate a medical problem?

Asked by nanasue (1points) October 25th, 2007

Occasionally I will get a strong smell of burned cigarettes, even though I am nowhere near an ash tray, cigarettes, etc. I do not smoke nor does anyone in my family. Should I be concerned?

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I remember reading this question before, although I can’t seem to find it to link to…I believe that the consensus was that sometimes it does (brain tumors, epilepsy, psychotic disorders) and sometimes it doesn’t, and if you’re concerned, you should talk to a doctor.

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Please establish without a doubt that you are not smelling something real. For example: there may have been a relatively new cigarette burn made in a non-visible place. And depending on the material that it burned through and any organic matter that may have also burned with it will create a ‘lingering’ cigarette burn smell.
It is rarely a case of a brain growth. Though this possibility is a viable one you should not focus on it.
Consider that you may be having a psychic exprerience. I am of course referring to an emotional response. For example: your olfactory sense could be responding to a memory without you realizing it.
So, check everything off your list and resist the temptation to think the worst since that in itself can be dangerous.
You know what they say: you get what you focus on most. ;-)

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