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Computer beep at start-up...

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) October 25th, 2007

I have an HP computer thats a few years old.. When I turn the power on it beeps once for a few seconds and stops… and then does it again.. And nothing shows up on my screen..What does this mean? Is it fixable?

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Yes, it is very probable that your PC can be fixed.

Different beep patterns mean different things might be wrong, so knowing exactly how many beeps, and whether they are short or long, is very important. If you are sure that it only beeps twice, the problem is related to the memory modules in the PC.

If you know how to take the cover of your PC off and get to the memory modules, try removing them gently and then re-inserting them. Sometimes the electrical connection between a memory module and its socket is affected by dust or vibration and loses the good, solid connection it requires to work properly. It is a relatively common problem. Different PCs have different methods for latching the memory module into its socket, so I cannot give more specific instructions without seeing your PC. A person who is computer savvy (sometimes known as a “geek”) will know how to do this just by looking at the modules and their sockets. This might fix the problem. If you do not feel comfortable doing this by yourself you should find someone who you trust and who is comfortable doing it.

If reseating the memory modules does not get rid of the beeping and cause your PC to work, the problem is very likely a memory module that has failed. It would then need to be replaced by an identical speed and size memory module, although it could be from a variety of different manufacturers.

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Thank you! it worked!

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I have a similar problem. The beeps on my HP are long beeps and continue till you cant stand it anymore and power it down. I did you you said above and still nothing. Nothing is loading. (bios etc.) Both CD drives load up as if there were no problem. I unpluged the main connection to the mother board from the harddrive and it still “beeped” at me. Tryed a few things and nothing. So could this be an internal motherboard issue? Processor? or possibly the (sounds stupid) but power supply?

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