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I need some guidance on relationships and what I should do in this situation.. can you help?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) March 8th, 2009

If you read my last thread you’ll kind of get this a bit more. But to summarize, quickly, I like this girl, and I really think she likes me a lot too. She calls me to hang out, and likes to make plans with me too. So far things seem to be going very well, and I would be interested in dating, but don’t want things to be rushed in any way.

I feel as though she is attracted to me, and my friend agrees and thinks she is into me. I think that much is true.

Also, there is a good possibility that I’ll be going on orders with the Air Force out to Nellis Air Force Base for a time up to 6 months, it hasn’t been determined.

Should I just keep hanging out with this girl casually as friends to kind of spare us the trouble of being away for a while if we were to start dating before hand? I’m not sure if it’d be fair to start dating, then leave for 6 months.

I guess we’ve been talking and hanging out now over the course of a little over a week now. Though technically, I haven’t actually taken her out on a date date where I paid the tab. I had planned on telling her I liked her a lot, and would like to take her out on a date sometime.

I don’t date often, I usually don’t get this sort of attraction towards many women, but I do have this sort of lure to her, and really enjoy her company. And I feel as though she really enjoys spending time with me, and has canceled plans to see me (I didn’t ask her to, and didn’t know she did until two days later). So I do feel as though she want to see more of me.

So what should I do? Just wait until I get confirmation on the possible orders out to Vegas, or go ahead and see what happens? Or should I even say something this soon?

Oh, and read the other thread to kind of catch up on what happened before if you don’t mind =)

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