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So why are there so few web hosting services that offer Python support?

Asked by archaeopteryx (876points) March 9th, 2009

Does it really cost them anything if they just include Python support in their hosting plans?

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Virtual hosting and colocated hosting are so cheap now that shared-server web hosting services have to cut back on services.

So shared-server web hosts focus on the features that the cheapskates of the market prefer, and offer very little custom support. This means that they focus on PHP and MySQL—no Perl, especially no mod_perl, no Python, no Ruby.

Look for virtual server hosting – you can probably find something in the $30—$50 a month range, which is more than you’ll pay for cut-rate shared-server web hosts, but you’ll actually be able to install the software you need.

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Dreamhost is ~$10 a month and offers all the languages mentioned if you don’t want to mess with the management of the server. They also have excellent support for any kind of company, but especially for a shared hosting company.

Of course if you’re interested in managing your own server, that’s a valuable skill to have as well.

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