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Where does your sense of humor come from?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) March 9th, 2009

I’m wondering what kind of senses of humor people have (how many different kinds are there?), and also, if people can trace that sense of humor to people in their lives, or events or training.

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My survival instinct. When I was a kid my family was very verbally abusive such that I learned if I could make them laugh at something ELSE, it would take their attention off of me.

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It comes from smile plas depende on age and charisma.

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My family. I’m really gullible and they took advantage of that. They told me stories most people wouldn’t believe in their lives and I would say, “Really!?!?!?!” I think it’s mostly because of them (and in some way because of my friends) that I have the sense of humor I do. It’s kind of like my moms sense of humor… a bit more sarcastic I guess.

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You? Sarcastic???

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My parents, my friends, and my affinity for things regarding sex.

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The absurdity of life and most definitely my father. I went to see Blazing Saddles when I was like 6 or 7. It was so damn funny, but my questions must have been even funnier.
Madeline Kahn to the man with hat in lap: “Is that a ten gallon hat or are you just happy to see me?”
What does she mean Dad? Ummmm… in this PC age you’d probably be arrested bringing a 7 year old into a rated R movie.
I miss you Dad. You were the best.

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The Life of Brain.

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I don’t know where my sense of humour, which is dry and very British, comes from. I like puns and other wordplay. I also like a good storyteller. One of the first sketches that had me absolutely rolling was this one when I was about 7 or 8. The people I was around growing up were of the Three Stooges/Benny Hill/pratfall kind, though we dovetailed with Eddie Murphy (who is a good storyteller. Or was, rather).

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My father + Bugs Bunny + Hawkeye Pierce + The Muppet Show = me

Although, I always enjoyed droll humor like Bob Newhart, but it never suited my personality.

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My mental illness.

and insecurities.

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Sarcasm… or maybe a wondering brain that thinks of strange situations.

If this were a comic strip:
Calvin and Hobbes with some Foxtrot mixed a bit of The Mutts.

If this were TV:
Hawkeye Pierce touch of Mad About You with dash of The Colbert Report

If this were Computers:
1+1 = 10, 1337, 2.0, 0x kind of humor

I’m just rambling

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A small brown box tied up with string.

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I find my humor derives from people making completely stupid decsions, non-sense, and comical sarcastism that depicts life as we know it. I can’t seem to remember which hole I found my humor in.

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AS DEEP AS A what?

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My dad and sister, my 3 best friends since 2nd grade, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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A response to not using it for a while out of shyness. Now I figure “what the hell”. At least I think I’m funny.

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I have no idea…but thank you for the question… it’s going to take a while to figure this one out…

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My dad, I act exactly like him. I’m very sarcastic, love to play pranks, and just be “rudely funny”. That’s just me. :)

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Oh and my best friend Todd. Once we were out for a fancy high school dance and he picked his drink up and the napkin stuck to the glass and he just ignored it. My girlfriend said “Todd, your supposed to hold the napkin down with your pinky”, meaning the one on the hand he was picking the drink up with. Instead, he reached across with his other hand and used that pinky. I remember, at that moment, thinking “I don’t have to think or do things the way the world expects”.

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My sense of humor probably comes from my warped view of people and the world. Where my warped view comes from is an entirely different question.

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I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and I don’t know exactly where it came from. I’ve always found it entertaining to poke fun at people, situations, and anything else I can find as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand.

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My mom. Eight years ago we buried my grandpa and put his favorite cat’s ashes in his coffin with him. A few days after my grandma died, I asked my mom if we were putting my grandma’s dog’s ashes in with grandma. She laughed like crazy.

(My grandma’s dog is still alive and belongs to my mom & dad.)

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I have a very dry sense of humor, pretty sarcastic. I grew up with an extremely sarcastic mother. My father’s sense of humor is one that’s hard to explain, he’s easily amused though.
I don’t know where my sense of humor came from. Probably from tv.

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Simple Saturday morning cartoons, Foxtrot and Calvin and Hobbs, my parents, and a couple of my friends.

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Dry,dry,dry. I am generally pretty quiet, subdued in a room full of people, so when I say something outrageous, it gets a big laugh. Telling jokes is not my style, but I often have a pithy response. I get it from Dad. For some reason I seem especially sharp when I’m overtired. Maybe because my audience is, too.

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Low self-esteem. Wow, it just got awkward in here.

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Some French guy sitting in my head talking to his Italian buddy.

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From my mom’s side I got a real appreciation for situational humor. They’re loud, crazy, well educated, agnostic, and often drunk farmer’s daughters. If you don’t learn to sit back and laugh at the chaos, you’ll go crazy. Whenever my friends get into a loud, rambunctious argument, you can see me cracking up behind them. Therefore I love The Royal Tenenbaums.

From my Grandpa (the farmer) I grew to like blue collar worker practical jokes. If you trip or drop something or hurt yourself, he’ll wait to see if you’re okay, then (with perfect tone) say “I’ll give it about a six…” He’s the guy that always fills the lull in a conversation with “Have you heard the one about…”

But from my Dad’s side I got the wit and the sarcasm. We play Scrabble and watch the Simpsons, and fight passive aggressiveness with passive aggressiveness. My 5 year old cousin has already learned not to trust anything her Dad says, and gives him the stink eye when he teases her.

Throw in a lifetime of self esteem issues, and you’ve got a fairly wide sense of humor.

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The insecure need to be the center of attention and the innate ability to hold on to the attention once I get it. I will spend a week of Sundays telling you I don’t need validation while wondering what you think of me. Chuck was awful close when he compared humor and mental illness. I don’t think mental illness itself is funny but I think it can facilitate being funny. As far as who I got my sense of humor from, I can’t really say. I think is was something I just grew into. or i just haven’t met the relative who thinks i’m funny yet

great question

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My sense of humor came as a defense mechanism. Having two older brothers will do that to a person.

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I’m very sarcastic. Can trace it right down the line from first-born daughter to first-born daughter on my mom’s side. From my great-grandmother all the way down to my oldest daughter.

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I’m one of a kind in my family. I have no idea where it came from. I would say that I’m:

40% Lucille Ball
40% Steven Wright
19% Eeyore

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my dad. it’s the only thing i inherited.

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I am not sure where most of it comes from. I have read that one part, an appreciation of word play, is highly correlated with an interest in math.

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Obviously, not from the same place as everybody else’s, as no one even noticed where mine came from. :-(

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Ummmmm…….it um..awkward

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@Darwin: people can appreciate jokes without giving lurve. It happens to me all the time…. (I hope).

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@daloon – I suspect no one even noticed. I tended to read Punch a lot when I was younger, as did my father, so I suspect I have a British sense of humor in an American world. Ah, well, everyone to his own liking, said the actress to the bishop.

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I noticed. It made me smile. Here’s some lurve and a pancake.

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Thank you, for the pancake in particular

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I have a very good sense of humor. My dad did too. Maybe I get it from him.

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