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After surgically removing 3 wisdom teeth, it is excrutiatingly painful when i put on my retainer, why?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) March 9th, 2009

Before the extraction of my 3 wisdom teeth, when i put on my retainer, it never hurt as much, but ever since the surgery, my bottom teeth seem to hurt a great deal when putting on my retainers. Does anybody have a clue as to why? Did the extraction of my wisdom teeth have anything to do with it?

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Removal of the teeth may have altered your bite putting pressure where you had little before.

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Have you called your orthodontist? If not, why not?

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Because your gums are swollen! How long ago was the surgery?

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Maybe your teeth are spreading apart some now that your wisdom teeth aren’t back there pushing them together, so when you put your retainer in, it squishes them back together and hurts.

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uhhh…. ouch, if your mouth feels anything like mine did then I wouldnt suggest putting a retainer in until its healed up.

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It could be because you’re swollen. I’d leave that sucker out until your orthodontist can can check the fit for you.

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@Marina, i haven’t called the ortho specifically for this reason, but luckily I already have an appointment scheduled with them for tomorrow (retainer check-up). I’ll be sure to check this out with them.

@La_chica_gomela: My wisdom teeth were extracted on Friday, and I seemed to have been less swollen by now, although i can’t exactly remember how i used to look anymore (lol, my cheeks were puffy and swollen for a while…)

These comments sure did help me understand a bit better though… and logic. haha =D Thanks all.

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By the way, do you still have a 4th wisdom tooth floating around in your head somewhere?

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@loser: My dentist said that it most likely will not grow out at all, there’s no room in my mouth ;p

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@curiouscat Well good! You have wisdom!!!

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Because you have 3 massive holes in jaw bone and your retainer is forcing your remaing teeth into the spaces. I wouldn’t wear the retainer until it has been adjusted to take into account your missing teeth.

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@curiouscat: If you had your teeth extracted on Friday, putting a retainer in Monday night is not long enough. Oh my God. I don’t think I was even able to eat solid foods until at least the next week. Give it a break for a while. As others have suggested, call your orthodontist, or the surgeon’s office who did the extraction and ask when it would be appropriate to wear the retainer again. Gar. I hurt just thinking about that.

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Um, your face was cut into. Sticking things in it for any reason is going to hurt.

You just reminded me of this dude.

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@curiouscat – Yeah, then it’s definitely going to be the swelling. I would really really strongly suggest waiting at least 2 weeks after the date of your surgery before trying to put your retainer in your mouth again. Really.

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