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I cant remember a WW2 movie!

Asked by melonsforeal (48points) March 9th, 2009

In the movie they are americans (i think) and they are in a ruined city, constantly getting bombed… go figure. and theres this one part in the movie where there is this young girl(jewish?) on the top floor of a buildign and they are trying to save her but something goes wrong and i think she turns on them?

another part of the movie is when they have this jewish boy (that they kinda adopted or befriended.) and the boy is offered a candy bar but the leader of the enemy if he shows him where the americans are hiding…. but then tthe kid tells hima nd the horrible creep hangs the kid right in front of the americans…

Im sorry if this makes no sense…. Im trying to figure out what this weird memory is coming from.

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I want to say that was either an episode of COMBAT! on TV, or Band of Brothers. I could be entirely wrong though.

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Not Band of Brothers IIRC

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Tyrantxseries says “Enemy at the Gates”

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