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How do I convert files to .avi on a mac?

Asked by A_Wood (201points) March 10th, 2009

This has killed me for so long. Does anyone know about any good software programs or anything to do this, because it’s really becoming a burden.

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quicktime pro,

StellarAirman's avatar In the new version it can convert files, not just rip them from DVDs. Doubletwist may help you also, it is a universal automatic media converter thing.
I would recommend VisualHub, but the developer closed up shop and you can’t download it from there anymore… :-/

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Handbrake worked perfectly. Thank you!

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<3 handbrake

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Perian is a great (free) plug-in that will allow Quicktime to handle almost any format you throw at it.

MPEG Streamclip is also a great free video app.

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visual hub used to be the standard. the developer killed it, but you can find it on the torrents I’m sure.

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