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Product to keep children off of PS3?

Asked by casheroo (18081points) March 10th, 2009

Is there some sort of product or device I can get to protect my PS3 from my son?
We’re sitting here, trying to watch a movie, and about 5 or 6 times he’ll pop the dvd out because of that stupid button. He keeps ruining dvds.
He’s only 20 months old, so redirection does not exactly work for him yet. I do keep trying though. I don’t want him to break it. We were smart enough to get a protection plan, thankfully.

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Put it higher than his reach?

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Put it higher up. Or I guess you could wrap it with razor wire.

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Go low-tech. Put the PS3 in a cabinet that has a lock or a hinge which he can’t reach, if you can’t simply put it out of reach.

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I don’t think we can put it up higher, we have a small tv stand, with a large flat screen,’s pretty big.
I think we’ll need to buy a new tv stand, so we can protect our belongings.
Although, the razor wire is a good idea. ;)

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… how do you child-protect everything else in your house? I’m not understanding why the PS3 is special.

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@MrItty I think the PS3 or other gaming systems—basically things that go under the TV—are the only electronics that are traditionally in reach of a 20 month old kiddo. The rest of our nice electronics usually go on counters or tables or whatever.

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@MrItty What do you mean? We don’t have an issue with him breaking other things in the house… It’s not “special” but, we’d prefer he didn’t break it, as it was an expensive gift.

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I don’t know the size of a PS3, but when we wanted to keep our kids from pressing buttons, we put a plastic shield over the front. It folded up and down, so we could access the machines (although nowadays, with remotes, that’s not even necessary). So, if this is possible, given the dimensions of the machine, that could keep little hands from being where they shouldn’t be.

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@casheroo, You don’t have an issue with him playing with plugs, touching lamps, getting into cabinets, etc? You didn’t have to baby-proof your house for things like that? I find that a tiny bit unlikely.

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@EmpressPixie, that’s kinda my point. You wouldn’t put any other electronics on the floor or elsewhere in reach of a toddler. So why is the PS3 there?

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Ours is under the tv, but it’s an open tv stand, no doors to it.
We keep baby gates up, so he cannot get into the kitchen and have a toilet lock…those are the only things we have to childproof the apartment. He doesn’t bother with plugs and lamps (usually)
The PS3 is in the living room, because it has the bluray player and we like to watch that on the big tv, and not in our bedroom. Make sense?

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Okay, so… you already use baby gates. Why not put one in front of the entertainment center?

Maybe I’m just being dense, but I’m still not getting why protecting the PS3 is different than protecting anything else. <shrug> Obviously you’re looking for a different answer, so I’ll leave you to get it from someone else. Good luck!

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@casheroo: Methinks it is time to invest in a tv stand with lockable doors.

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If you can’t put it higher, then keep it low. Buy a simple cabinet and use a simple plastic lock such as seen in this picture. This way the PS3 remains accessible, adults simply need to open the plastic lock but it’s harder for young ones to figure out, and it installs on any cabinet that has two handles like in the picture. They may even come in increasing difficulty ones until the kid understands verbally not to play with the PS3 while it’s on.

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Here’s another one and the site has a bunch more childproofing locks for different styled doors.

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put a plastic shield around it. but be sure to let it still have room for the vents

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Thanks for the links :) Our big issue now is finding a suitable tv stand, since we have a 42” flatscreen, and a small living room (we don’t want to put it on the wall, because we rent).

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Here’s an example of a VCR guard, which, depending on the PS3 model, could really help. At this site it’s only $11.

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you could depending on the gap at the back of the television and the wall,
you could place the playstation 3 in there.Since the playstation works with wireless controllers the child wont be able to reach or touch the console.Tho if you look on a shopping site that starts with E, they have silicon sheaths for the console.
you could just try and not watch/use the console when the child is awake or not in some stroller type toy

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give him a puppy
or a brother
he wont care about the PS3 anymore

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I child proofed dangerous things, such as electrical outlets, chemicals, stairs. I never completely removed things I didn’t want my kids to touch though. My stereo, DVDs, pictures in frames, etc were left wherever they were and I just told them not to touch them. 20 months is old enough to understand no.
It just takes time and consistancy and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Throw some jellybeans down his pants.

He’ll be focused for at least an hour.

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@asmonet literally loled

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the eject and power buttons are pretty flat… have you tried taping a piece of cardboard over the buttons?

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I was going to say…a book but that’s not very helpful now is it!

yes, all mine are on top of the tele..precariously balanced I might add
and then there’s the problem of climbing…and stools….

or… you could cover up with throw-overs… the VHS (which is unplugged anyway), is within his reach, but covered over and it seems if they can’t see it and generally you have to do this before they even know the aforementioned appliances are placed there… they won’t play with it…

so as he already knows its location that’s not very helpful either is it…sorry..

hmmm the ever increasing conundrum of toddler disruption huh….

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I think your best bet is going to be the G-Pak. It’s a travel bag for the PS3 but I’m sure you could make it work by cutting a couple holes for cords and airflow.

Here’s links to the item at:
Naki World (This site provides a lot of details)

I would honestly suggest the G-Pak to you as your best solution without rearranging your room although I liked the razor wire idea too.

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Update: I just noticed that the G-Pak is made to be played directly from the case so the holes and vents are already there.

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