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That grinding noise your car makes when you try to start it when it's already running--is that bad?

Asked by Poser (7800points) October 26th, 2007

Thanks to a fortuitous accident involving a dropped key fob yesterday, I discovered (after owning it for five months) that my car has remote keyless ignition. The problem is that when I start the car by pushing the button on my key fob, it turns off when I step on the brake pedal, even if I put the key in and turn it to “on” (an anti-theft precaution, maybe?).

I discovered today that instead of starting the car twice, I can turn the key to “start” before I step on the pedal and the car will remain running. This, of course, gives me the awful grinding noise. How bad, exactly, is this for your starter and/or engine?

It’s not something I’d do a lot, but it will be nice to have my car preheated this winter.

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you are better off starting the car twice rather than grinding off the the starter gear
teeth. You should be able to insert the key without turning it all the way to the start position. Check the owners manual or make a call to a shop that installs remote starters to insure the proper operation. Repeated grinding of the starter will result in replacement of the starter or other engine components $$.

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That’s what I thought. It just seems like a weird way to install the system (it’s after-market, so I don’t know what kind of place installed it). The car ought to stay running when the key is in the “on” position, I’d think.

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Better check the local laws. In Washington state it is illegal to have a car running in your driveway (locked or not) if you (or someone) is not in it.

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