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A decorating question. What should I put in front of the wall in a section of my livingroom?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 10th, 2009

In the video, I am talking about the blank wall/floor area inbetween my sofa and my desk. I need to put something there. A piece of furniture or another framed picture? Any suggestions?

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how about getting a wall hanger for your guitar.

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@patg7590 what is that? I don’t get the site.

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sorry I assumed that was the site
there you go

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to make a painting, furniture or whatever “POP,” your color of the wall or walls around it need to complement the your room or video, as you say. a warm brown background with blacks and whites and colors sets the pace for creativity and cosmopolitan flavors.

am i answering your question? foggy at this point.

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find a funky original piece of artwork that says “music.” be careful not to go with commercial prints. it is so ‘90s.

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What about a picture that says “Begining” in French. Then a piece of furniture like a small table

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I like to see bookcases in a room.

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At first I was thinking of some kind of smokey mirror, but when I looked at the video again, the room seems to need another picture. Perhaps a 3 picture set with a small bookcase underneath.

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I was thinking about this (smaller bookcase)

and possibly a picture above.

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I do think you need something there. Because that wall is so symmetrical with the windows, I think it should be something of a size and continuity with the picture on the lef of the windows, but something that would also work with the desk grouping.

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I like that for the room you showed, but is it too big? Would the table you already have, on the right in the video, be in the way?

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@chyna maybe, it is too big. I’m searching around online. Need a smaller desk or table.

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The room is very beautiful as is. For me, sometimes a little nothing is soothing. The “Fin” poster is nice.

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I love the guitar idea. Functional art, FTW.

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These are super cool! And they’re removable, so you can change them out when you want a new look. This is my own favorite.

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I think a bookcase would be too much since it would basically be hugged by your couch and desk. I like the idea syz has. It would definitely stand out, but it wouldn’t clutter anything.

Or just go for some wall candles, which is what I would personally do:

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@DrasticDreamer I love that idea.

Here’s another. I love this.

When you look at the ‘room views’ you’ll get a better idea of what it would be like.

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Yeah, wall candles are perfect. I say go for those, they’ll look fantastic. :)

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If you are looking to do something functional with the space, why not try a media tower? Otherwise, I like the idea of book shelf or wall candles.

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The room’s great as it is. I would think you need a good sized plant in the corner to soften things up just a bit.

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I’d get a couple of wall mount shelves and hang them on different spots.

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It’s been a lot of fun to decorate and I’m still going at it.

This is what it was like when I first moved in. The (uncomfortable) brown leather futon is gone, obviously. It’s a small space (perfect for me, though), but, I love the amount of light and the whole look of the place.

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Jmah: Keep in mind that every possession has to be dusted, repaired or replaced. I am at the point where I’d like to give away half my stuff. Sorry you don’t live around the corner.

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A giant portriat of you!!

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I vote for a houseplant to break up all the black and white. It screams for green . . .

Perhaps a 5’ palm that you place on the floor. Break up the industrial feeling . . .

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I’m getting one of these early 1900’s crank phonograph from my g/f’s Uncle. The one in these pictures here looks exactly like it. I’m wondering if that would work? Cool thing is, I’m getting this for free (it’s worth about $500 as is). :)

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Yea I second getting removable wall decals to complement the look of your room and change it when you feel like it

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I put an antique saxophone there.

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