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Why is there so much oil?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6751points) March 10th, 2009

I just popped a zit, and there is so much oil coming out. I didn’t know I had that much. Plus I’m taking Accutane which should take away the oils. So far, I must have half a thimblefull. Where did this oil come from?

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That’s gross lol

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I clicked on this link thinking it was an innocent question about natural resources. Alas….

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I checked. Sarah Palin said you’re a drilling site on the North Slope.

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Dude accutane SUCKSSSSSS. I mean it works good and all, but its a couple months of hell. I remember my lips were reallly really dried out and cracking. People always asked me what was wrong with them. For the most part acne free now :)

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It’s not all oil. It is infected liquid as well.

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My younger brother used to gets a lot of oil on his face and he use these tissue paper things that come in a little package to blot his forehead. I’m the exact opposite.

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@lefteh yes. hilarious.

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Maybe it’s a boil. Send us a photo.

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Please don’t.

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@lefteh You assumed wrong
@Elumas I doubt it. It’s not hairy and growling
@AlfredaPrufrock I do live pretty far north (Canada), but not that far
@uberbatman I know. My lips are so parched
@Marina At least I’m getting rid of the infected liquid
@SeventhSense you mean oxyclean? That never worked for me
@steve6 eww. I think that would be a bit too much

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No these were like little tissues the size of cigarette papers

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They’re called blotting papers. Usually sold in the make-up aisle.

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I clicked on this expecting to be answering a question on energy policy. I have been b-slapped by the hand of the Internet.

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Hey, I already made that joke…

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