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What is your favourite live comedy show in Toronto Ontario, Canada?

Asked by seenmaker (222points) March 10th, 2009

do you live in toronto? have you visited? do tell.
links are encouraged.

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The Flight of the Conchords guys from New Zealand are going to be in Toronto for a show on April 21st and 22nd.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I live in Ottawa, not Toronto :)

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Obviously the sketchersons ;)

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The annual “Crack a Smile” comedy night in the spring that is a fundraiser for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is always an amazing show. Top Canadian comedians stand up, improv and ensembles entertain their guests. It has been around now for 5 years and it is usually held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.” This years show had Patrick McKenna as host, Craig Lauzon, Aurora Browne, Andrew Chapman, Winston Spear, Terry McGurrin and Jean Paul.

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