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Who has seen the new talking iPod shuffle?

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I had not seen this before your post.

Man that’s small! Dangerously so I feel – smaller than a battery may be small enough to be swallowed.

And that voiceover feature is funny, but I wouldn’t like to hear that robo voice all day!

For eighty bucks you can’t go wrong with 4GB of space in a sleek form… you just have to be OK with having no visual display, which I’m not. Oh, and the Apple earbuds don’t fit my ears, and unless they have a remote that lets you use any set of headphones, I wouldn’t be able to control it!

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I’m sure there’s a way to turn off the robotic voice. You’re right about the earbuds, though…they really suck! I hope Apple makes their very comfortable in-ear headphones with the same controls. If they do, I’ll get one.

I just checked the Apple site and there definitely is an option to turn on/off the Voice Over feature. Now, hopefully they will adapt the new controls to more comfortable headphones.

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Ok, now I’m happy, because not only can you turn on/off the new Voice Over feature, you can also use these:

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It’s that little control though. I hope they offer that as a bridge between the iPod and any 3rd party headphones. The simple fact is I hate all of Apple’s headphones and only use the behind-the-ear ones which I can get a great pair for $20. Then again it’s obvious that the Shuffle is not designed to target me :)

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via Daring Fireball:

Mac OS X Tiger and Windows users get a lesser quality voice; Leopard users get the new high quality Alex voice.

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Everyone should be using an Apple computer these days. They are so much better than Windows machines :)

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@rawpixels And one can argue that a customizable Linux installation is better than both ;)

I admit I find the desire for a Mac laptop to be very strong… but I’m happy with my work-issued Thinkpad (which is a beast, a true desktop replacement).

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Wow, I just listened to the language demos on Apple’s site… the Japanese and French voices sound much better than the English ones do! Either way, I think this is a pretty ingenious feature that compensates for the lack of UI.

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I love and hate the way Apple can introduce something that makes the old wonderful thing seem shabby compared to the new wonderful thing.

I have a second-generation iPod shuffle. It now seems big and bulky.

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Well, now that I realized you can turn off the voice feature and use Apple’s InEar headphones, I’m sold. This will work great when I go jogging by the beach

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Let us know how you find it after using it for a month or so eh! :)

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