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Why won't my mac upload limewire?

Asked by JimmyKayak (12points) March 11th, 2009

I’ve got a year-old mac book that is very reliable…never given me a problem. Recently I updated my limewire. Now I can’t load it because it says it requires java 1.6. Thing is…I updated my java to 1.6! And it still won’t load! Anyone encounter this problem and, if so, can you help?

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If you’re sure that you have the required Java, then you could try re-installing Limewire to see if it will properly recognize Java then. Personally, though, if you’re looking for a program to download through, I would just suggest a good torrenting program like uTorrent.

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I agree with @Foolaholic forget limewire. Another good Torrenting program is vuze , I would use this if you need a more user-friendly interface, but if your more savvy with torrents then definitely go with uTorrent.

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Well since now we’re talking about torrents rather than P2P file sharing, I suggest Transmission

The site may not be quite promising, but the program is the most beautiful thing you will ever see.

Back on to P2P. Quite honestly I do not know. Heres something I looked up you could check out.

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Yeah, my brother uses Transmission for Mac. Good Stuff.

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