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Has anyone made an earthbox for planting vegetables?

Asked by ccrash3 (375points) March 11th, 2009

I’m finding all kinds of ideas online for making an self-contained planting system. It sounds intriguing, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with them?

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I had my husband build me a large garden box. Well, actually what it was was four 2×12 boards which bordered the outside of the growing area. I spent a few years amending the soil so it was just right for growing tomatos, basil, oregano, and red peppers. I have grown some other things as well, but those are my favorites and make good companion plants.
There is a book called “Square Foot Gardening” that lays out how I planned my garden, and it worked marvelously well for us.
Happy gardening!

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I second square foot gardening. I had great luck with it last year.
a buddy of mine had an earthbox with two tomato plants last year. I will be adding at least two of them this year after seeing how his tomatoes grew. He grew the same plants in organic soil, which worked well, but didntCome close to the size or yield of the earth box. The number one thing you must watch for us a lack of water on hot days.

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I didn’t make an earth box, but I bought a pre-fab one very similar, with the self-watering reservoir and such. I like it. Had good tomatoes. That and a drip-irrigation system saw my patio garden through my 9-day honeymoon a couple years ago.

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Funny you should ask, I have a very small yard, and all the best places for sun are concreted over. So I decided this year to take this old heavy duty plastic truck bed tool box that is just lying around and I am going to convert it into a planter. I just have to cut off the top, add some dirt, and various soil amenities, and plant this year’s crop of tomatoes in it. Hopefully, it will work out as well as I imagine.

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Yep I have been doing it for years. It’s great! Fresh is so much better than store bought. These days it saves money too.

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I found this earth box project and I think this is the way I’m going to go.

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I built 5 of the boxes from the instuctables site (see above link), and they turned out great! Very simple to make. I can’t wait to plant them! I actually made the 5 boxes in one hour…

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