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SF Bay Area Saturday night fun?

Asked by bigbanana (494points) March 11th, 2009

Ok I realize this has been asked before AND I have looked back at previous questions but I thought I would try again, and possibly add more to this database. I have a friend coming in to town Sat night and am a bit stumped for what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations for a fun Sat night out in SF? Thanky!

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I think it with an out-of-towner, it is hard to beat Chinatown. Great choices for dinner. (Go for abalone—an SF delicacy.) Then fun walking around sight seeing and shopping.

Another option is to go to Coit Tower while it is still daylight and take in the view, then go to North Beach for Italian food.

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I would go for a nice Italian dinner in North Beach and then to Beach Blanket Babylon. Book ahead. Even if you’ve seen it before, they are always updating the material.

An alternative is Chinatown. There are all kinds of dining choices, although the really high end places require reservations. Some stores are open until 10 in case you get the urge for a ceramic Buddha or a jade pendant.

A third option is karaoke (sp?) There is a place in Japantown that I have heard is good especially the food, cooked not sashimi, or the Silver Cloud on the 1900 block of Lombard. My nieces used to drive in 50 miles every weekend for OK American food and karoake.

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If you’re looking for something fun, BATS Improv is the best in the city, and a lot of fun. Highly recommended. (I don’t work there or anything, I just love what they do.)

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THanks y’all!

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drinks at the orbit room and dancing at nicky’s in the lower haight.

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