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Why won't my Nikon D60 show up as an icon on my Macbook Pro"?

Asked by noah (27points) March 11th, 2009
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Have you tried inside Aperture/iPhoto? My Canon doesn’t appear in Finder/on the Desktop, only in photography software.

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How are connecting it? through USB? which ports? have you tried them all?

Do you have the camera on while its plugged in? Have you tried getting a card reader and probably putting the card in it?

A little more info would be nice.

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It is very possible that the camera is still set to default settings, which would mean it is in PSMI mode, not MAS mode, meaning, the computer treats it as a device, and not a a USB mass storage device (as in a card reader) which I am assuming you are trying to accomplish.
To remedy this, you need to go into your settings, under menu, and look for the setting called “USB.” You’ll have two options, Chose “Mass Storage.”

Now, this may not fix your problem, it could be anything else, too.

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Is your software up to date? Few new camera drivers were added recently. Yours rings a bell.

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Also check your Finder preferences… have you disabled display of external drives on the desktop?

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