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Chocolatecake-shavings; What to do about them?

Asked by Milladyret (1294points) March 11th, 2009

I just made a HUGE chocolate-stout cake, and I had to cut of some of it to get it into the right shape.
But what do I do with the cut-offs? Anyone got any ideas?

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@Lightlyseared : totally… mash them into some top notch vanilla ice cream.

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Cut them into squares of bite-sized pieces and thin the frosting and drizzle on.

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It’s all crumbles…
Pressing it into little balls and covering them in chocolate and putting them on a stick?
But what do I mix them with to make them stay that way?

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Frosting as glue.

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Layer it in a glass bowl with chocolate sauce and ice cream, pudding or custard, and top with whipped cream. You can also put some canned cherries or marschino cherries in the mix. Serve it as a chocolate trifle.

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@Milladyret – I have done it many times.

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@Milladyret: The Pioneer Woman is about to post a tutorial about how to make Cake Pops. They’re ADORABLE and I imagine, quite yummy.

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@poofandmook Cool, I’ll check it out!

@Darwin Maybe also in tumbler-glasses as desserts? Ooohh, fun :D

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Re-shingle your gingerbread house in the woods.

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@Darwin : I’m so hungry now.

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Cakeballs. Crumble trimmings, mix with enough canned frosting to make a dough. Roll into balls and freeze about an hour. Dip in chocolate coating (almond bark)

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@hannahsugs Those look awsome!

I’ve crumbled the trimmings, but I added some Madeira and powdered sugar, to make into a fine dough. All shops are closed now, but I’m thinking about dipping them in white chocolate and decoratng with dark chocolate…

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I gave up chocolate and this is the wrong thread to be reading.

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That sounds fabulous.

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Go to a mall, squat down in the main courtyard, and leave the pieces behind. See what happens!

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lol good job with the Bakerella link. When I mentioned PW posting a tutorial on cake pops, it was from when Bakerella visited the ranch :)

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I would try to eat as much as I could before the kids looked into the kitchen and scarfed them up.

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Cakeballs are the stuff. Yum yum

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