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Cool Mac Tips?

Asked by bobisho (178points) March 11th, 2009

I’m one of those people who are blown over by simple cool stuff on Mac, like holding shift, option, and 3 takes a screen shot of the screen. If anybody has some other random stuff like that, I was curious.

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CMD+TAB lets you switch applications

Shift+expose, dashboard, spaces, stacks etc will make them show up in slow motion.

CMD+Q quits an app

CMD+W closes a window

CMD+M minimizes, CMD+H hides.

lots of cool terminal tricks, i recommend you google them.

Tinkertool is a great app for random system tweaks

This is a great site,, good forums, news, rumors, etc.

There are also applications you should download, such as for example Flip4Mac.

Keep up to date by often clicking on software update in the  menu.

this is a great tool to keep your MISC non apple products up to date automatically:

Some people don’t like ichat, i do personally, but heres a good tool that lets you use all your IM accounts:

Also set up Mail, if you could tell me what webmail service you use, I can give you directions to set it up.

I recommend pretty much any Leopard like application, very pretty looking ones are out there

Here is a tool that will completely uninstall mac applications for you, just drag them into this application:

Deleting the application can leave preferences plists and other application folders behind. A similar tool considering space, is this one:

It will take out the unnecessary binary and code out of applications. Though I only recommend it on NON-apple applications, and maybe some pretty dependent applications you use. It will tell you if deleting excess code will “destroy” the application

If you like spaces, “pushing” a window to the side of the screen will actually push it into the next space. CTRL+ arrow keys/space number will take you to the specific space.

CMD+, takes you to Preferences in pretty much any application. Though some are coded differently, such as in carbon maybe for example and do not work like that. But most do.

In safari, Shift+CMD+[ or ] will switch tabs, works in Firefox too I believe. delete (the big one on the keyboard, not the one under fn, next to end if you have a full size keyboard), and Shit+backspace will make you go forward. yes i do realize i said, “shit”, it did that on purpose for the humor of it LOL

In finder, Shift+CMD+A brings up the applications folder, Shift+CMD+D brings up your desktop. and Shift+CMD+H will take you to your home folder (no duh).

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Press 4 instead of 3 to get cross hairs so you can select what to capture. When the cross hairs show up press the spacebar to capture just a window.

In iTunes you can drag a song name into a chat message to send the song. No need to locate the actual file.

The Terminal also supports drag and drop to fill in the path to a file or folder.

I would also check out

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Well that sucks…. It won’t let me add anymore to my answer….

In theory. You could say I am a mac wiz. If you have any questions, just ask more. I know how to keep up to date applications on your mac, how to keep your software up to date. Keeping your system clean, and fast, and making your workflow a breeze.

Oh while im at it (lol)

CMD+Space will bring out the spot light search box in the upper right hand corner.

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You can do fancy things with the other language keyboards; viz;

Ι λοωε μυ νες μακ

And under the Apple drop-down menu, you can set up automatic update announcements when Apple issues them.

There are the diacritical marks also, é è ç î ü

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Hmm? Anyone mention… :


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I dragged my applications folder to the dock. Now there is a shortcut folder to all my applications in a really handy place. I also love hot corners and spaces. Particularly locking applications to particular space numbers so that they always open there. It keeps things neat and tidy.

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I never really liked assigning applications to a certain space. It used to be annoying. There are just times when you need to move things around etc. It just isn’t so fitting.

also the applications folder in the dock :P. Nice with stacks set to grid. I forgot about that because I just take that stuff for granted! :P

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@bludoggiant guess that’s the great thing about customisation. Gives everyone the experience they want.

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um…...................................................... command + tab, just try it.

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its funny how thats the first fucking line a wrote….................

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^ who’s “a”?

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Sorry sir @Curious404 I do not understand your question

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Oh it is…................well i didn’t see that i just wanted to get it out there.

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