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Suggest your favorite Chocolate and Mint dessert recipe.

Asked by robmandu (21285points) October 27th, 2007

My two favorite dessert flavors. Always on the lookout for simple and awesome. Cookies, cakes, frozen deliciousness, whatever. Blow me away!

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Make your own thin mints girl scout cookies. I saw a recipe for that on

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You can make a chocolate chip mint mud pie…

Get a chocolate pie crust pre made
Pour softened mint chocolate chip ice cream into pie crust

Let freeze til hardened

Take out and slice them. Top with warm hot fudge topping and crushed nuts (we love macadamia nuts or walnuts)


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Around the holidays you can buy mint chocolate chips in some supermarkets. I love to add mint chocolate chips to any great brownie recipe….mint brownies—amazing. The only problem is that you have to stock up on the mint chips betwen thankgiving and christmas because they don’t sell them the rest of the year.

In a pinch, you could use mint extract instead, but it’s risky—if you use too much it will taste like toothpaste brownies!

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Oh yah, long time fave o’ mine:

1. Fresh brownies out of the oven
2. Bowl of mint chocolate chip Breyer’s All Natural ice cream
3. Put one on top of the other.
4. Get fat.

Did I mention I had to lose 40 pounds recently? ;-)

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the mint chocolate chunk ice cream from ben and jerry is my favorite ice cream everrrrrr.

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