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Does it matter to you who asked the question you're answering on fluther?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8273points) March 11th, 2009

Do you take notice of the author of the question you’re answering? Does it matter? Does it influence your answer? Do you think it’s weird if a user asks a few questions back to back? Did you notice that the last question before this was mine as well?

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It doesn’t really influence my answer as much as it influences me actually answering.

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To me, it doesn’t really matter who asks the question, it’s whether or not I have an answer to the question or something to add to the discussion.

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I hate to say it but I will hesitate and contemplate wether or not I think it will matter to the person if I do. There are certain people who seem to ignore my presence on threads so I might wait to see who else is answering before I do, depending on the type of the question.

If it is just a fact based “what is the lyric for this” kind I will help no matter what.

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If I saw two identical questions (which should never happen), one asked by a Fluther friend and one by a stranger I might be more apt to answer for the friend first. The only other way I can think of it affecting whether or not (or how) to answer would be if it was asked by a known ‘trouble-maker’.

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I didn’t notice the last question was yours because I was looking at my Questions for you which only had this one. But I normally do notice who is asking the question but that doesn’t matter to me as to how I answer the question.

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It only influences my answer when im friendly with the user or know a little bit about them.

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To a point, yes – I might skip the question. Depends on my mood.

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Not really. I just answer the question.

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I answer questions based on their interest to me. There really is no other criteria.

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@cak You always take my answer. :D

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How many drinks are in you, Tits? I do notice who asks the question. It does matter. It doesn’t influence my answer. Since I’m answering backwards, yes, the question before this was yours, but I believe that in your world the question before this was actually the question after this. So put that in your bong and smoke it!

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@jonsblond – what can I say, it’s a talent! ;)

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It makes no never mind to me.

Just yesterday, I had just finished chewing out this schmuck in one thread (for being rude) and two minutes later I was answering a question he just posted.

It was a benign question I had an answer for, so I answered – independent of his schmuckiness.

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No, no, no, no, no and no.

If it is an interesting question I answer it. If I have nothing to say on the subject I don’t.

I must admit though that I rather like daloon’s questions. I even like his answers and sometimes think they are better than my own.

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Not so much with the current crop of active Fluther users. There were a few people in the past that I did not care to respond to their questions (after a few bad experiences).

If someone has an shakable viewpoint they flog regularly through their “questions,” I am inclined to avoid them.

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I screen ‘em real quick at first to see if they’re posted by a friend or not but even that fact doesn’t mean I’m going to drop an answer. Other than that it’s the Q more than the poster that evokes my responses.

Also if I see a Q I would like to post on but find that 10 people have already written answers at 100 lines each I’ll usually skip it. I don’t want to I’m too lazy to read all that which would be mandatory so that I didn’t repeat what someone else said.

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All that matters to me is whether I have an answer to the question or not. If I do, I answer, If I don’t, I don’t answer. I most often don’t notice who actually asked the Q if it’s a fact-based Q. If it’s a personal dilemma, then I obviously need to see who it is so I can address them appropriately.

Getting on mod soapbox real quick: This is why it’s so crucial that people have good question titles. So if you see it on the main page, and see that you know the answer, you automatically click on it and answer it! For example: “How do I perform blah blah feature on Microsoft Excel?” is a much better Q title than “Microsoft Excel?”

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I rarely look at who authors a question before I decide to submit an answer or not. A big motivating factor for me, even though this isn’t the case in every question, is if I have some useful knowledge and/or an informed opinion that might be of use to someone and be a good contribution to the question itself. I absorb what is in the question and its details and I’m off and running to compose my answer.

I can’t recall any instances where the asker’s identity had influenced my answer and I’ve never had any problems with someone asking two or more questions in a row. It’s just more material to choose from and to participate in. =)

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I never look at who the author is. Sometimes it comes up in the discussion, especially if the author gets defensive, argumentative or hostile, then it’s “What the heck….Oh I get it” The only exceptions are daloon and AC because their avatars are so clear, they catch the eye and you can’t help noticing who they are as you read the question.

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If a person has exhibited homophobia in the past I will not answer the question. Even if it is about fixing their computer and I know the answer. Fuck em’.

But I used to read every question, now I barely read any of them.

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I have a simple binary division between newbie and oldbie. If it’s a newb asking a question, I may not take as much effort, or may give a LMGTFY link.

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@johnpowell: Well, I’m quite flattered that you’ve read and answered mine :)

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No, except for one particular person who I’ve figured out always asks provocative questions on purpose (you all know who I mean). I still answer, but I keep it in mind.

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No, I don’t know who you mean Jack, but don’t much care.

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It depends what kind of question it is. I’ll answer an interesting question if it appeals to me, reguardless who the asker is. But if it’s a personal / advice question, I’m more likely to answer if I know the person.

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