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Do you ever write down a question you think of during the day to ask later when you're not near a computer?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) March 11th, 2009

Or am I just a little bit of a nerd? If you do, are you brave enough to admit it? I know I am.

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I feel weird when I ask questions, so I just forget everything. Writing them down sounds like a good idea.

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No, but I should. I always forget the ones I think of!

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Whenever I get a question, i ask later when im NEAR a computer… i don’t see the point of asking when you’re away from it. lol

I use my phones notes feature and posts the question to my standby screen. Or ill send a text message to my email so when I get home I can look whatever I’d like up.

But in theory, yes i do.

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@bluedoggiant: That sentence did have some bad grammar, I know – I just couldn’t rephrase it better. (Except I’ve just thought of the perfect thing. DAMMIT.)

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I use Kwiry. I can’t say enough good things about it. I simply text whatever I want to remember to the number, and it pops up in my email inbox when I sit down later that day.

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I always leave a draft on my phone when I think of a question to ask while I’m not near a computer.

I usually delete about 75% of them because they were drafted while drinking.

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No, but that’s a good idea!

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No. I wish I had. I’ve probably lost dozens of good questions because I think of them away from the computer. I’ve been trying to train myself to remember them using various mnemonic devices. If I can remember the subject, I can remember the question. I suppose I could phone them in, if I wanted to bother. However, there is that limit on the number of characters, and my questions never seem to fit.

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That’s the beauty of the iPhone. I’m never away from my “computer.”

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@AstroChuck – FINALLY I’m getting one of those puppies next week! Strike while the contract is up!

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@AstroChuck I have the iPhone too and still can’t remember to ask a question when I think of it.

Then again, I can’t even remember to take my ginkgo biloba.

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I have a notebook I use for work (occasionally) and I write Q’s in it from time to time then alter I screen ‘em to see if they’re still worth posting. Most aren’t but ya never know.

I HAVE to write ‘em down or I won’t remember 1 minute later, literally. My short-term memory is totally fucked.

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I have done this on a few occasions and I certainly don’t think you’re a nerd, @TitsMcGhee. Then there are the times when I think of a question while driving somewhere but can’t write it down until I get to my destination and by that time, I’ve forgotten what it was. I hate when that happens. And I hate my short term memory and/or short attention span that causes that to happen too!

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I have a little green notepad where I write down anything that comes at me during the day that I want to remember, or look into later. I’ve been doing this since pre-Fluther times.

My questions are usually things that Google can answer though, so it’s rare that I’ll ask Fluther one of them.

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