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What is the best way to train a dog to stop barking?

Asked by imagine401 (48points) November 24th, 2006
I just adopted a dog and she is not yappy but a little skittish and when a new person enters the room she barks. Besides her getting used to her new environment, how should I train her to stop barking?
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I had a friend who trained her cats to stop doing things by spraying them with a spray bottle full of water whenever they jumped up onto a place they shouldn't be. It's cruelty-free, and it worked with her cats. I have no idea it would work with dogs, since they don't seem to mind being wet as much as cats do, but it might be worth a try.
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I filled a soda can with some pennies and shake it once, and say "no" whenever my dog would bark. It took him ahout 8 days to stop barking.
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also, be sure that you don't try to comfort her or pet her when she's getting skittish and barking. a lot of people make the mistake of picking up their dogs and whispering to them to soothe them. dogs interpret this as affirmation and praise. a strong and stern NO! will go a long way. also, if you don't seem flustered then your dog will feel more comfortable.
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but definitely don't pick her up.
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i'm going to try the soda can idea, since she seems to really like water!
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thanks i'll let ya know
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I'll second the soda can, but it wears out on the dog.
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It takes a while for a dog to figure out what's causing the reward or punishment. Be patient, and make the association as clear as possible. You also need to train your humans--set up a introduction ritual for when people come over. Give the new person a treat and have them tell her (or signal her) to sit and stay. When she is successful, she'll get the treat and the praise from the new human and like them more. Plus, she'll be doing something for a positive reward that will make her forget it's barking time.
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