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What do you think about fake nails?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 11th, 2009

Living in the South, it’s a HUGE business around here. So many women keep their nails done. I mean, I guess it looks nice, but a little much for me, especially in daily life.

I’d like to hear from the guys too.

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I used to get them done all the time, but they totally RUIN your nails and are expensive to upkeep. Now I just get manicures.

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I don’t know why anybody would do that to themselves. It seems like they would be such a hindrance. Plus, they don’t look like nails, they look life fake, plastic nails. I find them a turn-off.

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And here comes Chuck… :)

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I dont think you should ever build houses with them. They’d just fall apart.

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Ewwfakenails! But in a way I understand. If your nails don’t really grow long enough to your liking and you want femme nails, they’re what you’ve got to get. My nails grow at a ridiculously rapid pace, which I didn’t realize until I got my bass guitar. I don’t like my nails short, but I must clip them down about every other week. I have Babs Streisand-type nails if I leave them alone.

Unless hers are fake, too…

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I really don’t have any use for them. I’m a housewife. They aren’t very useful in the garden or while you’re doing the dishes or laundry.

If someone else wants to wear them, so be it.

I bet I can build a fire faster than they can!

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I don’t think they look good at all – and even worse is when you see a woman typing on a keyboard with her fake nails…. uuggg makes me cringe.

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I love them. In my day to day life and at work I’m very casual, total jean and flip flops and minimal makeup type. Having fake French manicure nails (kept fairly short, not those crazy talons) is one thing that kept me fairly girly and looking put-together. I had them for a while, but stopped when I started working with a baby and didn’t want to accidentally stab it, as those things are dangerous. The money I’m saving on not getting them is good too! I’d love to get them again sometime…

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@Likeradar – Hahaha, “crazy talons”! I haaaate the super long nails, they look disgusting. How are they able to do day to day things with them that long? I also usually kept mine pretty short. I used to have a bad habit of biting my nails, so at least with the acrylics I stopped biting them and they actually stayed nice looking.

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@KrystaElyse I’m a biter too. When I have fakes, I refer to them as my “grown-up hands.” I want grown-up hands again! :)

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if they are short then its ok… its when they get long when i start wondering… why? what is the point of 2 inch nails?

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For me, long nails (that’s about maybe a little over a half-inch long) make my short fingers look longer and my hands more like those of an adult. There’s 10 year olds I know who’ll put their hands up to mine and the tops of their fingers can curl over my fingers. :/

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I hate the way fake nails feel when I wear them. They deaden some of the sensation in my fingertips. I feel clumsy as I struggle to pick up tiny objects, like the back of an earring. I end up pushing the object off the edge of the table or whatever and into the palm of my hand, only to resume my attempts to get the darn thing in my fingers.

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They’re gross and disgusting. I’m glad I do not encounter them often here.

Real nails are awesome. I’m able to grow a nice strong set of them.

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I have never had them, and do not plan on it. Too much work and money for the upkeep. I do think they look funny long or short.

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I think they can look good, as long as they’re natural looking. We recently had to pay a toll, and the woman in the booth had fake nails…but I swear to god, they weren’t trimmed at all. For ladies who have gotten them, you know how they look before they don’t do anything?! That’s how long hers were. My husband and I were baffled at how she could even handle money all day, with crazy nails like that.
I remember getting my first done in like, 8th grade. They were so painful to take off. I then only did it for dances in school (so silly) I haven’t done it since. I like my natural nails.

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I get them if I am going to a function when I need to look nice. I always have them very short and french. My hands are very old looking and it just makes them look better. If you can find someone that does gels….it is better for your fingernails. The acrylic is pretty tough stuff. Ever wonder why they wear the face masks and don’t offer you one? hehehe

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My nails do not grow. I’m glad short nails are in style. I see a lot of people who get fake nails at the mall and crappy shops, they look horrible and cheap. I’ve seen fake nails done by good salons that you wouldn’t know are fake. They aren’t long, thick, airbrushed talons.
You get what you pay for.

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Fake nails are unattractive and usually tacky looking.

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I don’t even get my real nails painted because I would ruin it in .5 seconds. I don’t know how people with fake nails keep up with the maintenance and the money that goes along with it. Once you chip or crack one, you have to do them all, and don’t get me started on when they grow out from the bed of your nail.

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I get pink and whites. The nail bed is pink acrylic and the tips are white acrylic. Unless you’re in a blacklight they look pretty natural and they don’t break and hurt like my flimsey natural nails.

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@blondie411 ;
That’s WHY we get acrylic! They look really nice with little to no maintenance! You just keep your appointments every 2 weeks and when you really feel like pampering yourself you throw in a pedicure too.

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But then you have to do your nails every two weeks. Who has that kind of money to flush down on your nails every two weeks? I don’t think they look bad unless they are the ridiculously long look but the every two weeks to keep up with a look is to me money you could save.

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@blondie411 Im sure you spend your money on things others think is a waste, but if it makes someone feel good then it is money well spent.
@Judi yay for pedicures! I’m almost ready to get spring/ summer shoes so I’m definately scheduling a pedi.

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just saying my opinion…

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i don’t have any use for them as my nails grow faster/longer than i’d even like them to (i get ‘are your nails real?!?!’ like at least once a week). but i think fake nails can look nice. i don’t like those crazy long ones, they usually look really tacky. but if they’re applied well and whatnot, sure, i think they can look pretty.

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@blondie411 I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, to you and to me spending money on fake nails is something we wouldn’t do. I’m just saying we all have things that make us feel good about ourselves and cost money. @Judi likes her nails so to her it isn’t a waste of money.

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They’re a saving miracle when a nail gets a terrible deep break or split. This happens to me repeatedly with my right thumbnail. It would be constantly down to the quick and covered with a Band-aid if I hadn’t found out I could get it mended and built up with acrylic. The manicurist does a nice jub of buffing it down so it blends inconspicuously while it grows out. I have my nails painted a slightly pearly natural shade, no death-ray red for me, although sometimes I do use a different color on some of them.

The manicurist and my hairdresser both say business is off by 30% these days, not surprisingly. I am prepared to give them up if necessary, but not quite yet.

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@Jeruba ; My son broke a nail deel in the nail bed. I took him to my manicurist who put a layer of acrylic over it and instantly made his excruciating pain stop. It really works!

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when the moment is right, i think they are fabulous.

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I always see women at grocery stores with them; they have the really long ones. They’re working the checkout line and I can never understand how they press the buttons on the cash registers while wearing them.

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Just got my fills today and they look very nice. Not to long, rounded and very natural looking. Nanette is the BEST!

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hahah the overzealous fake nail community i find a bit hysterical, it’s something i can’t quite understand so i am rather fascinated by it. when i see older women with the outrageous nail lengths and the spectacle they are making, i giggle.

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I like them but not those long, SQUARE, French manicures. And I think it looks so silly when women clap using just their palms, scared to death they’ll break a fake nail.

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I have naturally fast growing nails. Its fun clipping them.

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