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Any ideas to keep nosering gems from falling out?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 12th, 2009

My fiance has her nose pierced and every single stud she gets, the little colored gem falls out. Can anyone speak to this?

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Maybe she’s buying the cheap ones… I’d say go ahead and get a more expensive one where the gem is glued in better :)

Oh, and does she take it out to wash her makeup off? Maybe the soap is loosening the glue??

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This is a telltale sign that the jewellery she’s buying is of very low quality. I also like @essieness‘s idea about the makeup. My first step if I were in your fiance’s situation would be to buy a very high quality nosering and see if the problem happens again.

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Buy higher quality and rings which have more prongs around the gems. I only buy noserings which have 5 or more prongs (preferably more than that) and I buy them from actual jewelry stores. They cost more, but I only have one or two really nice noserings and I don’t have to replace them all the time.

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Tell her to use come clear nail polish at the end

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I just read what i wrote and well, Not the end but the Tip where the Gem is.

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I first read this as Any ideas to keep nosering GERMS from falling out. I was grossed out, but read it anyway. Good thing.

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@chyna – Funny thing, I read it that way, too. Wonder why?

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@Darwin Great minds

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@Emdean1 i knew what you meant haha

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Go to a piercing and tattoo shop that carries stones that are set with prongs. I have one that is an actual diamond, I got this one on ebay but the piercing place carried them too. They have lots of styles and stones. My daughters both had the same problem until I got them the pronged stones, and they are much more beautiful.

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