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Why do girl scout cookies taste so good?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 12th, 2009

i like them

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Love. Girl Scout cookies taste so good because of the amount of Love and good feelings surrounding them. The girls that love being scouts, the people that feel good helping out a good cause.

At least that’s my guess ;).

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Sugar and Fat

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They’re made with real Girl Scouts.

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Mmmmmmmmm…Girl Scout cookies are like crack. I especially lurve the Tagalongs. I used to be a Girl Scout…I miss those days :(

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Cause they’re made with love…

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I think it’s because you can only have them once a year. Anticipation is the secret ingredient.

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good point, same when you are really hungry and havent ate for hours, anything tastes good.

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Dammit, @cwilbur stole my answer. Lurve for the Adams Family.

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—I’m a Girl Scout…seriously. I’m an adult volunteer. :)—

Like Augustlan, I believe it is because you cannot get them year round. Believe me, though…once you go to a bunch of GS events and that’s what they offer – that appeal factor plummets.

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@cak hey i’m an adult GS leader too! Awesome.

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hey! im a life scout!!!!! cool!!!!!! (GO BS!)

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@adreamofautumnwoohoo! I’ve been dealing with cookie money all day long. I’m ready for cookie season to end!

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@cak I agree! I’m ready to stop this for one year haha.

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To expand on cwilbur’s remark, I’ve heard that it’s the Brownies that make for the tastiest cookies.

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the truth is you can get them all year round – most are made by Keebler, so just look for them in the cookie aisle – they won’t have the GS names, but they are available

the other baker is ABC – Interbake Foods of Richmond, VA

Samoas are yes,yes’s – shortbread, thin mints, tag-alongs.. Keebler. Also look for ‘gotta’ haves’.... you just have to open your eyes, they are all in the cookie aisle.

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Little Brownie Bakers is also a baker for Girl Scouts.

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Mmmmmm… Samoas…


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@bristolbaby – from what I understand, they are very similar, but not the same. Yes, they are the option for off-season GS cookies.

GS Cookies/keebler cookies blog

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That’s so weird! I just had my first one in years a few minutes ago!

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As I sit eating a sleeve of PB Sands – I believe it’s the once a year thing. The bank manager at the branch near my office sells them from his office. He has a stock of them. He said he bought 200 boxes of each type, and is currently out of shortbread and samoa’s. I have another box hidden in the back of my car. The boys won’t play fair, SO mom keeps her secret stash.

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they are worth the price, just the taste is so frakkin awesome

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i’ve heard they are giving Samoa’s different names, Caramel Delights, but they’re completely different cookies…but almost look identical. My friend was obsessed with figuring out what was going on and got a hold of both types and took pictures of them side by side. Pretty convincing evidence.

Definitely have crack in those Tagalongs!

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Caramel Delights are fucking amazing.

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Isoglucose! Yumm!!

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oooh I love em! Chocolate peanut butter cookies in the red box are my favorite! I better not say how many boxes I’ve had this year.

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Because they are made from real girl scouts.

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If you could buy them year round they would lose their appeal.

Also the peanut butter ones are the best

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