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To Nintendo DSi or not to Nintendo DSi? That is the Question.

Asked by suzyq2463 (2224points) March 12th, 2009

So, I have a Nintendo DS lite, but as a complete gadgetholic, I can’t stand the fact that a newer model is coming out. Anybody out there planning on getting one? Why/why not?

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I might get one. It’s going to have SD support, downloads, larger screens, thinner design, cameras, and music playback. Some things I’m disappointed about is that it doesn’t have a GBA card slot, and it doesn’t support the R4 flash card. But I’m sure that a new R4 model and GBA emulator will come out soon after the dsi release.

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I had the DS Lite, and love it until I got my touch, but I would love to get the DSi, even if I still had the older one, I like upgrades, I changed the 1st iPod Touch gen and still upgraded to the 2nd gen as soon as I could…

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Im kinda glad I havent bought the DS lite. I bought the original DS and I just decided to wait for something better. And of course, it now is here. You could just sell yours and buy the newer one. I totally want the newer one, because im like you, but the only thing holding me back is MONEY. I cant afford it. Well…. if I sell my bike im sure I could….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *plots

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