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What does a white cloth/shirt out of the window of a car that is (presumably) broken down mean?

Asked by delirium (13669points) March 12th, 2009

I see this on road trips with cars on the side of hte highway, but have no clue why people do it.

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I have never seen this before, good question

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I did a little checking around and it seems that having something white hanging off of your vehicle is a supposedly standardized symbol in the United States to let passing motorists know that your vehicle is disabled. This will hopefully help to expedite assistance for you by someone seeing the white object and stopping to help or someone notifying authorities to come to your aid.

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Someone didn’t get fully dressed after the sex was over.

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Where I’m from, white-shirting a car notifies state vehicles (such as cops, etc) that the car is disabled and the owner will return to move it ASAP. Typically, if there is a disabled vehicle on the side of the road it will get cited for tow—or will be towed outright.

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Hi Del! Love your tags.

I’ve always known it symbolizes a disabled vehicle, but how did it come to mean that? Hmmm.

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It means they need assistance.

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@augustlan I always try and throw something fun in to them. And HI! I’ve been awol, but I’m trying to be around more.

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It tells the cops it’s not an abandoned car.

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