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Is there a God?

Asked by ShauneP82 (790points) March 13th, 2009

Can’t make it much simpler. Also, give me a simple reason why.

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I think there is.

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I don’t think there is.

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Yes, but I think that if the evidence that surrounds you isn’t enough to convince you, nothing I say is likely to change your mind.

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I don’t know.

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cwilbur I love that response. lol.

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Nobody knows and that’s a fact

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My opinion is no, I may be wrong. Who knows for sure?

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There might be, I don’t know, but I happen to believe that there is not. And even if there is, we’re all getting it wrong religion-wise.

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I’ll believe it if I can see it. Until that day comes, I’ll be a skeptic.

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What really matters is that you think there is a God. Is there some reason you’re needing some proof right now?

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Do bears shit in the woods?

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I’m a god.

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When you look at a building,you know there was a designer. When you look at the complexity of creation,it is obvious that there is a designer. There is a God and He manifested himself in Jesus Christ. If I’m wrong then no big deal.If an atheist is wrong,then they will be shoveling coal for eternity. Personally I think anyone is a fool if the don’t make that choice the priority of your life. Eternity is a long time. The fool says in his heart,there is no God Psalms 127:1. Not trying to offend anyone,just saying it from an ex atheist’s point of view.

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Can’t say much for a god that makes people “shovel coal” just because they don’t believe in him. What I believe in is beyond my control.

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I do, but I also don’t think my god will cast anyone who doesn’t believe in him/her into a fiery pit for all eternity. If you are a good and just person who loves and cares for others as well as yourself, that should be good enough.

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Not offending, and not derailing here, just pointing out this fact. The “complexity” argument has long since been proven to not really be a valid argument at all, as natural selection explains (and demonstrates) how tiny iterations get us from photo-sensitive tissue all the way to a fully functional eye.

Science is all I need to explain why I’m here and what my purpose is (hint, there is no purpose).

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He doesn’t make anybody do anything.It is their choice. Just like it is your choice. You’ll find out when you die,won’t you? No one is good. Have you ever lied? stolen? sworn?Everyone has broken God’s commandments. Only the sacrifice of Christ can pay for them.Anyways, the question was ,“do I believe in God”. Yes.

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@djmuzk: Whatever.

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Belief isn’t a choice. You either believe or you don’t. Can you really just decide to not believe? I love the idea of living forever in paradise but I just don’t believe it. Wish I did.

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@dynamic duo – where does the photo-sensitive tissue come from?

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@AstroChuck is certainly a god. Unfortunately, he is a god that prefers fake syrup to maple syrup, and thus is not worthy of worship. It is devastating when your god fails you like that. I don’t know how I can keep going.

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@dynamicduo Not to offend either (and not to make this an evolution debate either), explain how every single animal on this planet developed from photo-sensitive tissue. And all at the same time. I don’t buy the “photo-sensitive” tissue one bit, having a Creator who Intelligently Designed our world makes so much more sense.

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@miasmom – sadly for you I’m not obliged to do anything simply because someone demands it of me. Perhaps if you had phrased your request a bit more politely and with a bit more respect, I would have chosen to reply to your question.

@All I will no longer derail this discussion. If someone wants to start a question about evolution, feel free to do so.

For anyone who’s actually wanting to understand the issue of natural selection and evolution, and to understand how something so complicated as our eyes came to be, please read Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker

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@dynamicduo This is why I often don’t comment on things because I didn’t mean to say anything impolitely, I didn’t think my tone was offensive, but when you type things, versus communicating, things can easily get misinterpreted. So, I’m sorry you took it that way.

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Get back on the @#$%ing SUBJECT!!!!!! I asked the question. I said yes or no answers. Simple reasoning. Also, Dawkins is a fool and so is anybody else that claims that they know! Leave all of your petty developmental issues at the door.

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@AstroChuck: Oh my goodness. My left cheek is beginning to wrinkle….

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Pour a little Mrs. Buttersworth on it and it’ll be fine.

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Yes and there are also children of God and children of Satan, why reason with those of Satan? It’s a lost cause!

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There is no Satan. It’s just a way to not take responsibility for our own actions. We can just blame everything on his influence.

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Where’s the beef?

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I’m a child of Satan? Where’s my red tail and pitchfork then?

You know what, I’ll settle for any magical power. Anything really. ...Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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The question is meaningless unless you specify which god you’re talking about.

Oludamare, high god of the Yoruba people of Benin?

Vishnu? Shiva? Zeus? Ahura Mazda?

Marduk, who created the heavens and earth and brought light into being by speaking?

Ea, who created humans from clay and saved a wise and holy man from a world destroying flood by telling him to build an ark?

Sin, whose followers would do no work on “shabatu” days?

Yahweh, who seems to be a composite of these three earlier Mesopotamian deities?

I don’t think there’s any reason to believe any of these dudes aren’t fictional.

Now, some vague universal force/algorithm that defies logic and description? Maybe there is one of those. Seems to be stretching the definition of “god,” though.

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@dynamicduo I agree with you on the “complexity” argument.

As far as the question is concerned. Where to start?

Long Answer
The simple fact of the matter if even if there is a God, it most certainly is not the Gid described to all of us growing up, nor is it the God of popular imagination. How we can be expected to believe in a God that would allow so much suffering in the world is completely beyond me. If there is a God, I feel you have to ask yourself why there is so much bad in the world, why do natural disasters happen, or more to the point why does he let them or make them happen. If someone could answer this question of evil for me, I’d most likely be open to changing my opinion, but I don’t see anyone being able to do this.

In my opinion, I cannot believe there is a God, at least not the God I was taught about growing up. If I’m wrong, I don’t think I’d have much to worry about redardless as far as the “afterlife” is concerned. If I am wrong I don’t think God would be more wicked than any person who ever lived and subject me to eternal torment.

Short Answer

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Get back on the @#$%ing SUBJECT!!!!!! I asked the question. I said yes or no answers.
Who’s asking..

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That is hilarious. I love it!! You deserve a smile. Here you go. : )

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