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Is telling someone to DROP DEAD ever justifiable? When?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) March 13th, 2009

Did you ever say it to someone? Why?

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Who are you trying to justify it to?

I never say this to anyone, because I find it to be a lack of using one’s capacity for expression. Instead of telling someone to drop dead, I will tell them that their actions have hurt me very much. That way the conversation can keep going instead of ending right there.

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When you’re 6 or 7 and it’s one of your sibs.

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I suppose when you really really hate it when your roommate keeps playing them all the time. You could tell him to DROP the DEAD.

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I’ve said it when I completely ran out of anything else to say. Then I immediately felt ridiculous. It sort of felt like saying, “Oh yeah? Your mom!”

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I think the only time you can legitimately wish for that is when they are an ex-spouse (thankfully I’ve never been in that situation) :-)

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Not for me…I believe in Heaven.

If I wanted someone to suffer I’d say,

“I hope you live alone in a nursing home til your 100!”

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@daloon I would never drop the Dead bro…

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When say to someone, “Kill yourself!” I just want them the shut up stop doing what they are doing. I don’t really want them to kill themselves.

Most of the time.

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I prefer the infinitely more profound: “Go f#@k yourself.”

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Someone once told me to “Go die.” and I found it very hurtful. They were pissed, but I don’t think they were serious when they said it. Nevertheless, I don’t think it was justified.

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I’ve wanted to say it to animal abusers….

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I don’t think I’ve ever said it. I don’t think it’s justifiable..I fear karma lol.

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…er, when you actually want them to drop dead?

I have never said those exact words, but I have certainly wished some people dead. I may have said something like “I hope you die” or “the world will be a better place when your time comes”. One of my favourite (Irish) expressions is “take a long walk on a short pier”.

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I’ve never told anyone to Drop Dead so I’m not really sure if it is justifiable or not. I suppose that if someone is indignant enough about something or generally in a very foul mood toward a person, I could imagine them making that statement.

In my case, being a very articulate person by nature, I would come up with something much more sarcastic and colorful if I wanted to shine someone on.

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I don’t think I’ve ever said this, or even wished it. I prefer to mutter fuckwad under my breath.

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Me too, Aug. I mutter shithead.

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I said it under my breath when my ex-boyfriend shouted “you fat fucking ugly whore!” at me; just as i was walking away from him for the last time

he was a charmer!

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Why under your breath?

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@Mr_M because I was afraid of him

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Sad. I’m sorry to hear that.

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