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What is a duvet and why do I need one?

Asked by syz (35695points) March 13th, 2009

I grew up with comforters but duvet covers seem to be everywhere. Is it just a sack you put your comforter in?

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Yes. It keeps your comforter clean, can usually me washed and it offers versatility without buying a whole new comforter.

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And it’s great for when you want to build a fort in your bedroom. You can buy one in just the right color to match your forts design. Nothing finishes off a bedroom fort like a good duvet roof. Ah isn’t life fun.

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Judi’s answer is perfect. We have a down comforter, and we hate it because it requires a duvet. After a few nights, the down in the comforter works its way to the foot of the comforter and eventually the weight of it pulls the comforter to the bottom of the duvet. So, we end up with this nut sack of feathers at the bottom while only being covered by the head end of the duvet. We don’t use it. You can have it.

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I use one because I’m a very…active sleeper. I always end up kicking the sheet down to the end of the bed. A duvet is generally machine washable, so I can just use that with the comforter and get rid of the sheet.

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If you don’t know what it is…prob don’t need one…doncha think??

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The best comforters have square baffles so that the down can only shift within a 12” or 14” square. For example. See Favorites at the bottom of the page. I have one of these and a comforter (or duvet) cover for it. It is the same as a pillow case. If you drool or spill red wine, you can wash just the cover.

I launder the cover from time to time since trying to wash a huge wet down thing is impossible.

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We use a duvet on our down comforter. It just makes sense. You don’t need it for all comforters.

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duvet = down comforter

Duvet cover = down comforter cover

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Also I forgot duvet day where you phone up work and tell them your staying in bed.

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When are alone in a hotel in france… they send a duvet to keep you company.

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Its much easier to clean or to redecorate a room with a duvet cover. I suggest two, one for use, one in the closet.

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