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Does Google/Gmail have migration features?

Asked by DeanV (14193points) March 13th, 2009

I want to create a new gmail for school (my other one is not very professional), and was wondering if i will just lose all of the 800+ emails in my old inbox. I would prefer not to forward all of those emails because i use to catalog all of those and sent fields from me are a little strange to work with.

Basically, can you export/import one google account (including calenders, contacts, etc.) into another?

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Contacts yes, Calendar 99% positive that its a yes, mail, ehh no :(

Don’t use POP3 in Mail, use IMAP

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What if I export my inbox/all of my other folders and then export them back into my new account for my new gmail? Would that work?

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That would work I believe, if you are good with handling the system libraries. But I am not sure how that would work with IMAP. But I’m guessing you’re just going ahead with POP3.

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I am using Pop3.

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You can mangage many google accounts under a single account, but it takes a while getting used to.

Google’s Gmail Blog can be helpful (it is on the gmail log in screen—bottom left.)

A forgotten strength:

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Maybe I’l do that. Thanks!

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How can you manage many google accounts under a single account @ponderinarf?

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@bluedoggiant go to settings and add account.

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